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A Makeup Artist’s Guide to Contouring – Mastering the Illusion

makeup-artist-schoolGood contouring can give you the defined cheekbones you’ve always wanted, and can dramatically sharpen your look, making it one of the hottest and most requested makeup trend tutorials of the moment. Over the past year or so, contouring seems to be the number one makeup technique that everyone’s talking about, and the internet is blowing up with video tutorials and articles about how celebrities are achieving the perfect facial features whilst staying away from the knife.

There are many different techniques to help you get it right, but how do you know which tips work best? If you want to learn how to achieve this coveted look, just follow our carefully put together beauty tips below:

  1. Apply your concealer first

When it comes to contouring, the concealer comes first. The most effective areas to apply concealer are under your eyes, between your eyebrows, your eyelids, around your nose, and directly underneath your nose. Spread it out gently with your fingers. This helps to illuminate your face before applying your foundation.

  1. Use a cream-based foundation

We cannot stress enough how important it is to pick a quality cream-based foundation that is non-greasy and blends well with your skin. You may decide a BB cream or CC cream would work better for your skin.

  1. Illuminating powder

Use a large powder brush to apply your illuminating just above your cheekbones in order to provide a lighted effect that will set your face up nicely for the bronzing stage (step 5), where you’ll begin to see your contouring efforts really come together.

  1. Apply a little white eyeshadow

Whilst you wait for your other products to set slightly, now is a great time to work on your eyes. White eyeshadow is the perfect way to achieve a dramatic. You should start by covering your entire eyelid with the white eyeshadow, before adding a darker color – such as grey – into the crease. Build upon the shadow whilst keeping the striking white look in the corners.

  1. Now add your bronzer

Start by applying a little bronzer to the apples of your cheeks, before extending up slightly towards your cheekbones. Only use the bronzer to accent your features.

  1. Add a bit of blush

Even up your cheeks by applying a nice, rounded blush – pick a tone that works well with the natural color of your skin. Apply over your bronzer for a soft glow that helps to lift your face.

  1. Finish the job

Finish up with a bit of translucent powder, and any other finishing touches you want to add, such as lipstick or mascara.

  1. Are you interested in becoming a makeup artist?

Makeup artists are at the front lines of the beauty, television, film, and fashion industries. As such, its one of the most coveted careers in the beauty industry. We at Avenuefive offer makeup classes to our students. If you would like more information about our makeup classes, please complete the contact form on the right, or give us a call at 512.968.2835!


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