The following branding tips for cosmetologists will help you build a name and an identity for yourself so that you stand out against your competition. Skip to main content

6 Personal Branding Tips for Cosmetologists

The following branding tips for cosmetologists will help you build a name and an identity for yourself so that you stand out against your competition.  

From Sebastian to GK to Wella – you recognize the top-notch beauty brands. But, have you ever thought of yourself as a brand? As a cosmetologist you are building your own brand – a powerhouse of knowledge and skill that people will turn to for style and advice.

Top brands work hard so that you instantly recognize what they stand for when you hear their name or see their logo. You can do the same. So that when people hear your name or see your post on their social feed, they instantly think: “professional makeup artist” or “professional hairstylist.”

Personal Branding Tips for Cosmetologists

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So, how do you go from being a cosmetology student to a recognized brand name in your industry? Here are some personal branding tips for cosmetologists.

1. Create a Logo

No brand is complete without a logo of some sort, and you’re going to need one to stand out and look professional against your peers. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Not so good with photoshop programs? Hire an affordable freelancer to design your logo using sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Canva is another good option if you’re willing to do it yourself. 

Remember to pick a color scheme that represents your brand. For instance, white and pink sets a romantic tone, while black and red sets a bolder tone – let’s say you specialize in darker or more daring makeup looks. Everything from the tone you use on your website’s ‘about page’ to the colors displayed in your logo help solidify your brand and how people view you.

2. Build a Website

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a great-looking website, but every brand needs one. Sites like Wix and WordPress make it easier than ever to design your own site using pre-made templates that require little to no coding skill. While you’re at it, make a YouTube page so you can upload how-to and explainer videos that further highlight your expertise. These videos are easy to link into your website once they are in YouTube formatting. 

3. Use the Same Picture & Logo on All Platforms

Consistently use the same picture or logo on all social platforms, as well as on your website and business cards. That way, people associate it with you and there’s no confusion. Be mindful of how you use your branding depending on the platform – on Instagram for example, is usually recommended to use your photo instead of a logo. And for your website, make sure your logo is visible in every single page. 

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4. Invest in Sharp-looking Business Cards

Use your same color scheme, logo, and image to create business cards that you can hand out on the fly. You will meet people who ask about your career and what you do, having a professional business card could turn a curious stranger into a future client sitting in your chair.

5. Create a Tag Line

A tag line describes who you are and what you do in a few easy to remember words. It can be something as simple as The Bridal Artist, or The Hair Guru. The best tag lines are between 2 and 5 words.

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6. Highlight Your Specialty

What is it that you specialize in? It doesn’t have to be one thing but it’s often best to start with one thing and build from there. For instance, are you the best bridal makeup artist out there? Then start posting pics from every wedding party you work on (with their permission, of course!). Use relevant hashtags, including localized hashtags and geotags, so that more people see your post.

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