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5 Benefits of Attending Barber School in Austin

Are you searching for “barber school near me,” all the while wondering—do I really need to attend barber school to become a professional barber?  In Texas, you must obtain and currently hold a Class A Barber license to legally style, cut, and color men’s hair. To accomplish this, you’ll need to:

  • barber school in austinEarn an active Texas Cosmetology Operator or Cosmetology Operator Instructor license
  • Complete a 300-hour course at an approved cosmetology or barber school in Austin (or wherever you reside)
  • Pass the Class A Barber written and practical exams
  • Submit an application with required fee

If you were hoping you didn’t really have to go to school, rest assured, attending barber school is highly beneficial.  

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5 Benefits of Attending Barber School

1. Learn the Basics You Won’t Get Elsewhere  

General barber school curriculum includes things like basic scientific makeup, anatomy, and physiology of the scalp and hair. These are things you’re unlikely to pick up by simply interning at a barbershop. Not only will this information help you pass the Class A Barber written and practical exams, but in addition it’ll help you better cut, style, color, and treat different hair types.

2. Score an Internship

Don’t have connections in the barbering world? Attending barber school can help you find an internship by introducing you to new connections. It also gives you a solid foundation that’ll make you more attractive to practicing barbers you wish to work under and gain experience from.

barber school hands-on experience 3. Get Real Hands-on Experience

The exam for a Class A Barber license includes a hands-on portion in which you are tasked with working on a real client in front of a board of experts. To excel at this portion of the exam, it helps to have real experience working on clients.

An internship may entail cleaning equipment or washing hair, it’s far less likely to include the chance to do more advanced things like cut or color hair. By attending barber school you get hands-on experience you won’t find elsewhere, all under the guidance of experienced professionals with a lot of knowledge to offer.

4. Take a Mock State Board Exam

Barber schools in Austin often offer a mock state board exam. This includes feedback on areas you need to improve. As a result, you can more confidently go into your exam with the necessary skills.

5. Learn the Rules of Sanitation

A portion of barber school curriculum entails best sanitation practices. You’ll practice sanitizing common barber tools like scissors, razors, and trimmers. All while learning how to protect your future clients’ health and safety.

barber school graduatesDo You Dream of Becoming a Barber?

The first step to becoming a barber is enrolling in a Cosmetology program. We offer flexible class times to accommodate even the busiest schedules.  Click here to see current enrollment dates.