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What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Dual License in the Beauty & Wellness?

Obtaining a dual license is increasingly popular in the beauty industry. For instance, take a look at top-trending barber Fernie Andong (@fernthebarber), he has a cosmetology and barbering license.  “When I was a cosmetology instructor, a student needed help with a skin fade. It was my job to help get the student out of the jam, but no one—including myself—knew how to do a proper fade. We faked our way through it. The client wasn’t happy… so that day after work I enrolled [in barber school],” Andong was quoted by American Salon.

Andong isn’t the only one now benefiting from a dual license. From Insta-famous makeup artists to the everyday barber shop owner, many beauty professionals are stacking up credentials and obtaining dual licenses.   

Examples of a dual license include: cosmetology and esthetics, esthetics and massage therapy, or esthetics and make-up. Makeup artistry does not require a license, nonetheless it helps to have the formal education. Even more so when paired with another program and license.

The biggest benefit to a dual license is that it allows you to bridge the gap between different (but completely related) beauty niches.  

Dual License: The Benefits of Esthetics & Make-up License

Dual license Mud Makeup SchoolUnlike hair stylists and massage therapists, you do not need a license to become a make-up artist. Still, there is so much to gain by taking a course in make-up. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but our MUD Makeup Artist School has a lot to offer, like hands-on learning from real world professionals. We also offer specialized Make-up Workshops where we dive into topics like Halloween/costume makeup, nailing the perfect smokey eye, and so forth.

Pair all that you’ll learn in a top-notch makeup course with an esthetician’s license and the sky is the limit. Estheticians perform everything from facials to chemical peels, therefore, they know a lot about skin. The more you know about skin the better prepared you are for life as a makeup artist. Just imagine all the different skin types you will work on, and the wide assortment of skin issues you’ll face. An esthetician’s license prepares you to handle whatever comes your way.

Esthetics & Massage Therapy License

This is another great pairing—esthetics includes many spa treatments that interconnect with massage therapy. Likewise, massage therapy offers valuable knowledge and tools you can use to upgrade your services as an esthetician. By broadening your expertise you can help more clients and offer a wider range of services. Esthetics includes chemical peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, light therapy—and many more services commonly requested by the same clients seeking massage therapy, and visa-versa. 

It’s not uncommon for beauty professionals to be interested in certain aspects of one license, but not all aspects. For instance, let’s say you are a massage therapist who wants to learn how to master light therapy and chemical peels, but you don’t care to learn about threading or hair removal. You might be surprised to find that sometimes the things you aren’t as interested in turn out to be your biggest money makers. For instance, think about how many waxes you can perform per hour, while you are typically limited to one massage per hour. Having the option to offer a wide variety of interrelated services is valuable on many levels.

dual license esthetics

Cosmetology & Esthetics License

What’s better than an amazing makeup artist? One that doubles as a great hairstylist! Oftentimes when dolling up for an event, clients opt for professional makeup and hair styling services. Clearly, it’s advantageous to offer both services. Plus, hair and makeup should flow together to offer the ideal picture of perfection. By mastering the art of both services, you can create incredible hair and makeup looks that highlight one another. 

dual license avenue fivePick the Right Dual License for You

What are your areas of interest? When picking dual licenses, it’s important to pick licenses that’ll benefit one another, and perhaps more importantly, that you feel passionate about.

Need help deciding where to start? We are more than happy to help! Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about our supportive community and fun-loving, future-forward culture at Avenue Five Institute.