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Makeup Artist Tear Sheet: What is it and How Do You Get One?

makeup artist tear sheet - professional makeup artist applies lipstick to model

A tear sheet is when your work is published in a magazine and you are credited in the editorial or story as the makeup artist. While tear sheets can exist online and in digital publications, they originally only existed in the pages of a magazine – which you’d tear out and present to potential employers as proof that you work professionally.  

How Do You Get a Makeup Artist Tear Sheet?

It may take some time to earn a makeup artist tear sheet. You’ll need to work on the right project that goes to publication. Make sure to stay on top of the projects you work on so that you are in the loop if and when they go to publication.

When your work is published in a magazine, stock up and get several copies of that edition. In most cases, if someone asks to see your tear sheet, they will give it back to you but, just in case, it’s nice to have backups.

Every magazine you are published in counts as another tear sheet. Add as many tear sheets as you can to your portfolio. An online portfolio/website is key to showing off your reputability and experience.

Why Do You Need A Tear Sheet?

makeup artist tear sheet - woman looks at a magazine spread with featured stylists and makeup artists

A makeup artist tear sheet helps you stand apart and highlights your experience working as a professional makeup artist. It is an important component of your portfolio that can help you score bigger projects, as well as qualify you for an MUA Pro Card that gets you discounted rates on makeup.

The more tear sheets you can provide, the better. For one, it will help showcase the different styles and types of projects you have worked on.

Do You Need a Tear Sheet to Qualify for an MUA Pro Cards?

In most cases, yes, you’ll need a tear sheet to obtain an MUA pro card and start getting discounted rates on makeup. Other things you may need to score a Pro Card include:

  • A call sheet
  • Professional website that showcases your work
  • Letter of reference from an established industry professional
  • Business card that states your name and that you are a makeup artist

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