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Medical Esthetician School – The First Step to Become a Medical Esthetician


Woman getting facial - medical esthetician school spaMedical esthetician school gives you the necessary skills to pursue a career in esthetics. As an esthetician, you’ll work with all different types of people and skin types in a spa or medical environment. There are many different services you may offer, from facials to laser treatments to skin care tips for tricky conditions. Estheticians have the opportunity to enhance lives by improving self-confidence and helping people to feel their best. It is a rewarding career that begins by attending a medical esthetician school.

How to Become a Medical Esthetician

  • Attend an esthetician school recognized by a national accrediting body.

The program you select must meet the minimum requirements for initial licensure, as determined by the Texas Board of Cosmetology and Esthetics, or any other US state depending on where you live. Each state requires a unique number of total program hours, in Texas the minimum is 750 hours. You may also participate in some type of apprenticeship under a professional esthetician.

  • Get licensed by passing the State Licensing Exam

Once you have completed coursework and hands on training, it’s time to take the State Licensing Exam. There are written and interactive portions to the exam. The exact details of the exam vary by state, but the test presented by the National Esthetics Practical Examination includes things like facial makeup, cleansing the face, facial massage, hair removal, and so forth.

Along with esthetics practices, you must prove a solid understanding of scientific concepts such as basic chemistry, human physiology, certain skin conditions, infection control, and so forth.

Woman getting her eyebrows done by esthetician school studentWhat Do You Learn in Esthetician School?

Sweating the idea of a 2-part exam? Rest assured, you’ll feel far more prepared after attending esthetician school. You’ll learn so much over the course of the program. Along with formal education and training, our students have many opportunities to work on real clients in the student spa and salon.  Plus, our classrooms are designed to double as salons, so you get the most hands-on experience possible.

Throughout your enriching learning experience, you’ll learn to master so many skills, such as:

  • Facial massage
  • Brow tinting
  • Lash tinting
  • How to analyze skin and prescribe the best remedies and maintenance programs
  • Hair removal
  • Extractions and exfoliation
  • Use of high frequency machines
  • Basic makeup

In addition, you’ll acquire knowledge in:

  • Applied nutrition
  • General anatomy
  • Physiology, histology and chemistry of the skin

Advanced Esthetics Courses

Advanced courses are optional but offer a chance to take your career as an esthetician to the next level. Optional esthetics courses at Avenue Five Institute include:

  • Chemical peels
  • Microcurrent
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • LED light therapy
  • Alternative facial treatments
  • Ingredient analysis
  • Custom masques

We Welcome You to Join Our Family of Estheticians!

Avenue Five Institute now offers campuses in both North and South Austin. Come see if our hands-on Esthetician Program is right for you. Book a campus tour.