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A Look at Men’s Hair Trends for 2019

Men’s hair trends for 2019 are looking pretty promising. Fashion is loud and playful right now and the modern male is rather fashionable. Purple streaks may be the norm, but over the top hair isn’t for everyone. The following hairstyles can be worn simple and sleek, but all it takes is a tweak or two to make them more vogue.   

6 of Our Favorite Men’s Hair Trends

1. Quiff or Loose Quiff

The loose quiff is a more textured update on the well-known quiff haircut, which has become a go-to staple for many millennials, as well as their dads.  Our favorite thing about this hot-guy hairdo is that it can be customized in several ways. From the length of the hair on top, to how far up and close you buzz the's hair trends quiff hairstyle

2. Long Hair, Don’t Care

The male bob is a real thing and it looks great… if you’ve got the hair for it. Slightly wavy hair is best suited to this beachy vibe. Hair that is thin or very straight tends to take on a more grungy 90s look. 

3. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is here to stay, with some of today’s hottest actors and influencers sporting a fresh buzz. For a very-2019 twist, add a bright pop of color to your buzzed hair – from orange to blue, you can’t go wrong as long you style it just right.

men's hair trends buzz cut

4. The Undercut 

The undercut has been around for a long time, but the modern undercut is distinctly different from the buzzed sides and long slicked-back top of the past. Today’s undercut is worn in a variety of ways – and often paired with facial hair.  

men's hair trends undercut hairstyle

5. Braided Hair

Braids are a classic staple and they are here to stay in 2019. Plus, it’s about as low maintenance as you can get. Don’t be afraid to get creative – we are living in an era of extravagant braids.

men's hair trends man with braids

6. Casual-Cool Hand Brush Up

This casual look is showing up on runways and in local grocery stores. It’s an easy look to accomplish using a little pomade or spray, along with a great hairstylist. 

men's hair trends, casual hand push up

Are You Dreaming Up the Next Men’s Hair Trend?

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