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5 Common Personality Traits of Massage Therapists

Our massage therapy school in Austin has the pleasure of working with so many incredible students. We’ve seen firsthand just how caring, compassionate and hardworking massage therapists tend to be. While every therapist has a unique personality, there are certain traits common amongst people who peruse a career focused on helping and healing others.

1. Nurturing

Students and graduates of our massage therapy school in Austin tend to have nurturing personalities. After all, your job revolves around caring for others, while making them feel comfortable and at ease.

2. Great Listener

Not much talking goes on during a typical massage, so massage therapists must quickly gather the information they need to provide the best massage possible, typically at the beginning of each session. Knowing what questions to ask and how to interpret answers helps provide a better experience for the person on your table.

3. Intuitive

Massage therapists must also be skilled at listening to subtle clues given by the body. That includes noticing where a client carries stress by identifying knots and muscle tension, as well as how much pressure to use and where to dedicate efforts to provide the greatest benefits.

4. Calming Energy

Your energy flows from the tips of your fingers all the way through your client’s body. That’s why clients greatly appreciate massage therapists who poses positive and calming energy.  This leaves clients feeling inspired and ready to take on the rest of their day. Just because you are high energy doesn’t mean you can’t give off calming energy to your clients. Creating the right environment, playing the right music and working on slowing your breath can help you give off calmer energy while working on your clients.

5. Creative

Creativity is a huge aid to operating a massage therapy business. After all, coming up with creative campaigns, specials, and services can help you attract a larger clientele. Plus, you’ll regularly need to think on your feet because each client you work with is going to have unique needs and wants.

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