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How Many Product Lines Do You Work With At Esthetician School?

At Avenue Five Institute, our Esthetician school program is specially designed to offer extensive hands-on experience. As a student, it’s important to obtain relevant experience to excel in your field. Part of that experience comes from working on different people and skin types, while experimenting with various product lines. While other schools rely on one line of product for the entire curriculum, we believe it’s important for students to learn and practice with a variety of high-end product lines. 

Products our Esthetician school students work with include Dermalogica, Hylunia, Rhonda Allison, Coola, NuFace, and Fake Bake. Offering a variety of brands grants students more opportunities to work with and learn from unique products. For instance, Dermalogica and Rhonda Allison both offer skin creams for an assortment of ailments—from dry skin to break outs. Although, their products are far from identical and the ingredients vary; thus, granting students a chance to work with different formulas as they practice on unique skin types and conditions.

There are constant advancements in the skin and beauty industry. NuFace offers skin-boosting creams and serums, along with microcurrent skin toning devices that can improve facial contour and reduce wrinkles. This is yet another example of how working with different product lines gives you more exposure to the growing number of options available to help your future clients achieve radiant skin they feel confident about.

While all three of these brands focus on clear and beautiful skin, Fake Bake is all about enhancing healthy skin with a glowing tan. So, not only are you prepared to help future clients achieve healthier skin, but also, you can give them the instant tan they desire as well.

Benefits of Working With Different Product Lines at Esthetician School

There are several benefits to working with different product lines at esthetician school.

  • Find the products you like best

If you only learn and practice using one line of products, it’s difficult to find exactly what you like.

  • Gain a wider range of product reference

Different product lines work great on different clients. Having an assortment of high-end products in your mental Rolodex allows you to better match clients with the ideal product. Unique skin conditions, for instance, are often best solved by one brand of products, or by a product only one brand offers.

  • Obtain a better understanding of product ingredients

Part of your esthetician school curriculum involves ingredient analysis. It’s not as easy to fully comprehend the impact of ingredients when working with one line of products. By using a host of brands, you can see unique ingredients in action. Plus, if you come across a client that is allergic to a certain ingredient, you’ll have a wider range of products to pull from to find something that works for them.


Grow Your Skills with Avenue Five Institute

Avenue Five Institute’s Esthetician school program provides real-world knowledge of advanced techniques. From microdermabrasion to LED light therapy, and custom masques, you’ll benefit from hands-on experience every step of the way. Plus, all of the products used in our esthetician program are cruelty

Our clinical and results-oriented approach to skincare follows suit with the current trends popping up at today’s day spas, resorts, and medical clinics.

We want to help you pursue your passion for beautiful skin. To help, we offer flexible class schedules to accommodate even the busiest beauty enthusiasts.

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