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3 Personality Traits Makeup Artists Develop at Makeup School in Austin

We can all agree that makeup artists are creative, but that’s not the only personality trait artists can add to their resumes after graduating Avenue Five Institute’s makeup school in Austin.

It’s not cool to make comparisons between artists, because by nature of being an artist no two are the same, but there are some shared personality traits most makeup artists can’t deny.  That doesn’t mean you must enter the world naturally great at these things to be a good makeup artist. Instead, you just need to be willing to learn how to master tactfulness, communication and an open mind.

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1. Tactful

Creative people, aka makeup artists, are intuitive and have the unique gift of reading how other people feel through analysis of body language, energy, and other discreet clues. Models may be sensitive about breakouts, permanent blemishes, scars, or unique facial features. As a makeup artist, it’s your job to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Furthermore, someone could show you a picture of makeup they love that isn’t going to flatter their face—so how do you give them what they want while still making them look their best? To successfully pull it off, you’re going to need a certain level of sensitivity and tact.


2. Strong Communication Skills

Tactfully getting something across ties right into strong communication skills. Let’s say you need to talk a fair-skinned client out of black eyeshadow for a day-time bridal shower. Tactful and clear communication allows you to come back with an even better suggestion that still plays into their overall vision, all without hurting anyone’s feelings. Listening is an equally important component of communication. How else will you interpret and put to werk the look your model is expecting?  Listening and verbally communicating with models is an integral part of the learning process at our makeup school in Austin.


3. Open Minded

You might be excellent at putting makeup on brown-eyed brunettes with olive-toned skin, but what happens when a fair skin freckled blonde sits down in your chair? The world is made up of endless skin tones, eye shapes, and so forth; a great makeup artist has experience working on a wide variety of canvases, but that alone isn’t enough. To make the most of every experience, the most talented makeup artists keep an open mind and are always willing to learn new things no matter how much experience they have.

Think of it like this: Every person you put makeup on has the potential to teach you something new.


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