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Wella Signature School Student Center

Global Experts in Hair Artistry

At our Wella Signature School in Austin, Texas, cosmetology students at Avenue Five Institute receive many beneficial Wella resources. A few of the highlights you we can take advantage of include professional connections, advanced education, and career assistance.

Wella’s international brand power continues to inspire salon professionals to realize their full potential and find their place in this exciting industry. Take your skills to the next level and get started with a brand known around the world!

How to Make the Most Out of the Avenue Five Institute/Wella Partnership

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Enjoy all the prestige that comes with a diploma from a Wella Signature School. Your training differentiates you as a talented and credible stylist in the eyes of salons and clients alike. And for good reason. By attending a Wella partner school you will be prepared to take on the professional world with:

  • A network of Industry Connections
  • Experience with a variety of High End Product Lines
  • Opportunities for Advanced Education
  • Career Assistance

Grow Your Industry Connections

It’s not always what you know, but who you know. Connected with over 180,000 Wella salons located across 110 countries, Wella offers a massive international network that includes over 4 million hair colorists strong, and growing. Further expand your reach by competing in Wella’s annual Trend Vision competition where students have the chance to work on a live model in a professional studio photography session.

Work with Iconic Brands

Inspiration is the first step to success. Avenue Five Institute invites you to unlock your inner talents through hands on experience using high end product brands like Wella Professionals and sister brands, Sebastian and Nioxin. At the forefront of style and innovation, Wella has invested over $2.5 billion in product research and development. In proof, Wella continues to unleash a steady stream of innovative products to get excited about.

  • Wella Professional is all about beautiful hair, just as it has been for over 130 years.
  • Sebastian Professional is focused on the future of haircare and style, stirring up norms with editorial stylists and futuristic visionaries.
  • NIOXIN is one of the leading brands in the USA for combating thinning hair. It works by optimizing the scalp environment to deliver thicker and healthier hair that both men and women can gain confidence from.

As a Wella Signature School, our students develop the ability to comfortably work with a wide range of product lines. This helps set graduates apart, giving them the knowledge and experience to recommend the right product for each unique client.

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Get Inspired to Learn More

Take advantage of advanced education courses taught by Wella certified educators. As a Wella partner school, we offer a Wella Cut Craft class and Advanced Color Correction with Balayage foil fundamentals. Grow your knowledge & skills through Wella’s online education portal:

Wella e-Education Portal


Career Help at Your Service

Wella Signature Schools are uniquely positioned to help students leverage their skills through added connections, hands-on experience, advanced courses and business training. The Wella Signature School connection helps students learn the modern techniques and tips that’ll help graduates prepare for success! All these things and more are intended to help you land your dream career.

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Wella Signature products used at the Avenue Five school in Austin


Take full advantage of attending a Wella Signature School, starting with the following helpful links:

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Is Avenue Five Institute Right For You? Get More Info…

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