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What Does it Mean to Have Result Oriented Skin Care?

result oriented skincareResult oriented skin care is customized to each client’s particular skin and any areas of concern. The goal is for each treatment to provide real results that help people feel more confident in their own skin.

The opposite of result oriented skin care is a treatment that doesn’t offer any tangible benefits. Or worse, it causes skin to break out or look and feel worse than it did before. Some skin care treatments, like chemical peels, make skin look a little frightening at first but the benefits follow shortly thereafter to make it worthwhile.

Facials and other skincare treatments are relaxing and enjoyable in the moment, but they should also produce results to keep clients coming back for more. For instance, spray tans are incredibly popular. Why? Simply because after getting a spray tan, your skin looks different; sun kissed and with less noticeable blemishes. Of course, even the best spray tan won’t last forever. Hence, why people keep coming back for more.

There are countless skin care treatments that offer FAR more benefits for your skin than a spray tan. The important thing is that those results are noticeable. For instance, if a client is struggling with break outs, it’s important to find the right product(s) to help curb future breakouts and improve the health and appearance of his or her skin. In addition, certain treatment options may offer the best solution, such as extractions and exfoliation, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and so forth. Knowing which treatment to suggest is key to providing your clients with the results they are seeking.

Result Oriented Skin Care Relies on Skin Analysis

Conducting a skin analysis is one of the first steps to providing result oriented skin care. You need a good overview of someone’s skin type to suggest the best treatment or product line.

This may include a deeper dive into a client’s lifestyle—are they drinking enough water? Do they wash their face every night? Are they using a makeup or face wash known to dry out skin? Many lifestyle habits can contribute to better or worse skin. As a skincare professional, it’s important to provide personalized insights about lifestyle habits so that your clients can make necessary changes to see the best results possible.

Don’t Forget About Ingredient Analysis

result oriented skin care ingredient analysis Ingredient analysis is also important. Different products contain unique ingredients that must be taken into consideration regarding a client’s skin type, known-allergies, current skin condition, and so forth. Some products are better suited to dry skin, while others work best to curb oily skin.

At Avenue Five Institute, we work with a variety of high-end product lines so that our students can learn more about different ingredients and how they work on unique skin types and conditions. After all, the more products you’ve worked with, the better prepared you are to offer helpful recommendations.

What Constitutes Result Oriented Skin Care?

In order for any skincare regimen to be considered ‘results oriented’ it should:

  • Produce results over time, or within as little as one treatment
  • Be tailor made to each person, their skin type and current conditions
  • Incorporate diet and lifestyle changes to promote clearer and healthier skin.
  • Keep in mind, some trial and error may be necessary to find the ideal solution.

result oriented skin care and healthy lifestyleResult Oriented Skin Care Starts at Avenue Five Institute

Our goal is for everyone who goes through our programs to have the skills and knowledge to offer result oriented skin care out in the real world. Some of the many skills our esthetician students develop to prepare for this include:

  • Skin analysis
  • Facial treatments
  • Physiology, histology, and chemistry of the skin
  • Applied nutrition
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • LED light therapy
  • Ingredient analysis

While estheticians are all about skincare, make up artists and even massage therapists can benefit from applying result oriented skin care techniques. For instance, makeup artists can provide helpful tips to their clients, or suggest products to improve their skin condition and appearance.

Interested in learning more about result oriented skin care?

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