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Barber School in Austin: How is the Barber Crossover Program the best way to become a Barber?

barber crossover program teaches important skills like how to straight shave a beard

Are you a cosmetologist that would like to upgrade your skills and cater to a wider clientele? The barber crossover program allows licensed cosmetologists to earn their Class A Barber Certificate in just 300 hours. The only way to work in both cosmetology and barber establishments is to hold a license in both areas as a dual-licensed cosmetologist and barber.

UPDATE ** Starting in 2020, instead of completing 1500 hours of training to earn a Barber License, a student can complete 1300 hours of training (1000 Cosmetology Hours + 300 Barber Hours) and become dual licensed in less time than it takes to complete the Barber course! **

Each day, over a million men and women head to their local barber shop – this is a huge clientele that you can only tap into if you hold a barber license.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About the Barber Crossover Program

We are here to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about the barber crossover program. Continue reading to learn more. Still have questions? Contact us!

How do I qualify for a Barber License via the Barber Crossover Program?

  • You must hold an active Texas Cosmetology Operator license
  • Complete the 300-hour barbering crossover course at a TDLR-approved barber school
  • Take and pass the Class A Barber written and practical exams
  • Submit your application to TDLR along with the required fee

Can you take the 300-hour fast track barber curriculum at any school?

At Avenue Five Institute, we are approved to offer both cosmetology and barber programs.  However, if a school operates solely as a cosmetology school, you cannot complete the 300-hour program at that institution. You must enroll in a barbering course at a licensed barber school that is approved to teach the 300-hour barber crossover program.

Not all licensed barber schools in Austin, Texas may be qualified to teach the 300-hour barbering course. The 300-hour curriculum must first be approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation first.

What if I obtained my cosmetology license in another state?

If you earned your cosmetology license in a different state, you must get your Texas Cosmetology Operator License before taking the Barber Course that’ll allow you to operate in Texas.

What can you do with a Class A Barber License?

The world is your oyster! Equipped with a Class A Barber license, you can perform any act of barbering as defined by TDLR. In addition, you then have the opportunity to become qualified to instruct individuals on best barbering practices at a licensed barber school.

To continue your work in a cosmetology establishment, you must maintain your cosmetology license.

Benefits of the Barber Crossover Program

  • It is a a time-saving shortcut to becoming a licensed Barber in Texas!  
  • Instead of completing 1500 hours of training to earn a Barber License, a student can complete 1300 hours of training (1000 Cosmetology Hours + 300 Barber Hours starting in 2020).  
  • Work in a wider range of settings and with a larger clientele base thanks to expertise in both barbering and cosmetology
  • Increase your skill set so you are prepared to handle anything – some clients require a combination of techniques learned in cosmetology and barber school
  • Get your barber license on the fast track

Get Your Class A Barber License at Avenue Five Institute

We offer a hands-on barber school program right here at Avenue Five Institute. We welcome you to come take a tour of our campus and learn more about our available programs.

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