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What Do You Learn in Barber School?

barber school in AustinAs a cosmetology school in Austin, we are here to give you an idea about what you’ll learn in barber school in Austin and around the US. To become a licensed barber, you must go through an approved program and then pass an exam to obtain a Class A Barber License. [Find out more about how to become a licensed barber in Texas]

Do tests make you feel uneasy? Rest assured, by attending a quality barber school, you can obtain the knowledge and experience necessary to pass the exam. With barber shops rapidly gaining popularity throughout the states, especially in hip regions like Austin, more barber schools are popping up. With so many options out there it’s important to pick a school that will provide you with the best hands-on education possible. Look for a school that focuses on the concepts outlined below.

5 Things You Learn in Barber School

1. How to Cut & Style Men’s Hair

Barber school is largely focused on men’s hairstyles. Programs are shaped around cutting, trimming and styling a variety of male hairstyles. This includes best practices for shampooing and conditioning hair. In addition, you’ll get comfortable using common tools like razors, trimmers, and scissors.

2. How to Cut & Style Men’s Facial Hair

Since barber school is focused on male haircuts, beards and other forms of facial hair are an integral part of the curriculum. You’ll learn how to style mainstream and stand-out facial hair through cutting, dying, trimming, relaxing, shaping—you name it!

3. How to Shave Like a Pro

Shaving is a key component to styling facial hair and it requires specialized training to get just right. You’ll learn different shaving methods such as a straight razor shave and a foam shave. It takes skill and experience to get a smooth, clean, cut-free shave with a straight razor, something you’ll learn to master in barber school.

what do you learn in barber school4. Best Health & Safety Practices

A good barber protects his or her clients every way possible through best health and safety practices. Plus, you’ll need to know health and safety rules to pass your state license exam. In addition, one must know how to handle hazardous chemicals, as well as properly sanitize materials and tools to prevent the outbreak of diseases or bacteria.

5. Hands-on Training

Perhaps the most important component of any barber school in Austin is hands-on experience performing haircuts, shaves, etc. Seek out a school that encourages and institutes hands-on learning. Practicing your trade first-hand is integral to passing the exam. After all, the exam includes a hands-on portion in which you must demonstrate your abilities to perform barber duties. Plus, you need a minimum number of active hours working under a professional barber to obtain a Class A Barber License in Texas.