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10 Common Misconceptions about Beauty Schools

beauty schoolYou may be surprised to know that there are many misconceptions about beauty schools in Austin. Most of the time, the picture that is painted is not a realistic portrait of the beauty industry and it is best to dispel these myths.  This can enable you to choose the many programs that are offered by these beauty schools with confidence.

1) School Fees:  Many people assume that school fee is the same for all programs offered by beauty schools. This is not always true: the fees vary depending on the course or program you choose and the type of specialization you want to do.

2) Financial Aid: One of the most common misconceptions about a beauty schools is that you may not be able to get financial aid to complete the many programs that are offered. The fact is that various schools offer financial aid and this can be used by students to complete the program of their choice easily.

3) Age Requirement: Some people contend that there is no age restriction to enroll in a beauty school. Note that the minimum age for students who wish to enroll is 16. There are some schools that do not have this minimum age requirement and it is best to gain knowledge about it before you start the enrollment process.

4) Cosmetology License: The common myth is that you need a single license to practice the different areas of cosmetology. The fact is that each area of cosmetology is specialized and you may require different license for hair and nails.

5) Accreditation: Many people believe that beauty schools do not need an accreditation. This is also a misconception. It is best to choose a school that is accredited so that you are assured of the quality of education.

6) Number of Hours: It is a common misapprehension that you need to practice just for a few hours to get the license. The fact is that you may have to practice for many hours to get a license. The number of hours that you may be required to spend may vary depending on the course you choose. For example you may have to practice for 1600 hours to become a qualified hair specialist.

7) Duration: Many people believe that the duration of all courses offered by beauty schools are same. It is important to note that the duration may vary depending on the type of specialization that is chosen by the student.

8) Career: Most people assume that there are limited career choices when you complete a cosmetology course. It is significant to remember that successful completion of the courses may open many opportunity doors for the students and help them have a successful career.

9) Earnings: Another common misunderstanding is the fact that the earnings are standard for all students who complete the programs offered by beauty schools. This is not the case. Depending on the experience and education, the earnings may vary considerably.

10) Easy Alternative: There are many people who think that enrolling in a beauty school is an easy alternative compared to a four year degree. Note that the curriculum of a beauty school can be more demanding than a high school and you may have to learn many things to become qualified.

Beauty schools offer full time, part time and online courses and you can always choose the program that suits you best. Read reviews about the beauty school you wish to enroll so that you are able to make an informed choice.

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