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10 Ways We Celebrated Our 10th Anniversary at Avenue Five Institute Beauty School in Austin


“Reflecting back on this amazing journey, I am reminded of our original purpose: to help students pursue life-improving career changes… I am extraordinarily proud of all the lives we have affected.” – Brandon Martin, Avenue Five Institute Founder & CEO.

July 5th marked a very special day for Avenue Five beauty school in Austin, we turned 10 years old! Ten years of memories, life changing accomplishments and graduations. 10 years of beauty and pampering deserved more than just a basic celebration. As you know, the best birthdays turn into month-long celebrations and that’s exactly what happened around here. Let’s just say this beauty school in Austin knows how to look good and have a GREAT time!

Here are 10 fabulous ways we celebrated our 10th anniversary in style.

1. We Had Some Cake (and ate it too)

The month-long celebration kicked off on July 5th, Avenue Five’s official birthday. We placed ten candles on mouth-watering cakes, sang happy birthday and couldn’t stop smiling—or eating!

2. $10 off AND 10% Coupons for Avenue Five Beauty School Spa & Salon Guests

Our clients hold a spot near and dear to us. After all, they offer our students a chance to work with the public, build confidence and practice their hard-earned skills. In honor of their support, clients received $10 off services at the spa and salon. They also received a 10% off coupon for their next visit—we can’t wait to pamper ya’ll again!

3. Balloons!

Balloons everywhere! These massive “10” balloons reminded us all to keep celebrating our exciting milestone.

We added some colorful confetti balloons to the mix as well, because let’s be real, there’s nothing “basic” about us—we’re a colorful bunch of talented people!

4. New Anniversary Logo Represents Our Award-Winning Austin Beauty School

Colorful, modern, ready for anything—that’s who we are and that’s what our new anniversary logo represents.

5. Social Media Fun

Snapchat + new anniversary logo = way too much fun taking selfies! Students were encouraged to play around with Avenue Five’s custom Snapchat filter featuring our new anniversary logo design. Oh, the great pics that were snapped! #10GREATyears

6.Students Scored New Swag

Our standard all black uniform underwent a fun upgrade this month – just in time for summer! Students used our custom Snapchat filter and shared images using the hashtag #10GREATyears to earn fresh (and FREE) swag—including new white shirts, fly AF sunglasses and super fun temporary tattoos.

7. The Love-gram Wall

Because everyone appreciates a little gratitude! And beauty and wellness is all about self-love, acceptance and confidence, and so we created a Love-gram Wall to help us celebrate our milestone birthday. Students filled the colorful wall with positive quotes and heartfelt messages all month long. We added super-fun emoji stickers to complement our colorful wall. So much love poured onto this wall that we couldn’t possibly just throw it out… so we decided to put it in a time capsule! We can’t wait to dig this treasure trove of memories up 10 years from now.

8. Pizza Parties + Piñatas

Eating cake on July 5th wasn’t enough to keep us full all month long, and so we held a festive pizza party as well. Make that 2 pizza parties, one for morning students and one for evening students. No pizza party is complete without a unicorn Piñata filled with candy and goodies!

9. A Fun-Filled Scavenger Hunt

We topped the pizza party off with a scavenger hunt that had everyone laughing, scratching their heads, and racing around campus like a bunch of big kids.

The competition for the scavenger hunt was steep with tricky clues like, “Let’s take a trip on a painful vacation.” Ouch, say what?  But of course, our brilliant superstar students figured it out… for the most part. 😉

The top 3 winners from each scavenger hunt went home with a beautiful gift basket stocked with some of our favorite beauty and wellness products from our partners. Congratulations to everyone who played along, and a special “YAHOO” to our scavenger hunt winners…

Full-time Students:

1st place: Cyan, Layla, & Deisi – Cosmetology

2nd place: Berkley & Madison – Esthetics

3rd place: Sam & Cassandra – Cosmetology

Part-time Students:

1st place: Siena, Cyndi & Callie – Cosmetology

2nd place: London, Nicholle, Clenn, Jenny, & Daisy – Massage Therapy

3rd place: Jamie, Kaylie, Adryana, Chantel, & Lakisha – Cosmetology

10. Last (but certainly not least) a Banner That’ll Literally Go Down in History

At the end of the anniversary month, students and staff were encouraged to sign our massive and picture perfect birthday banner. This banner will be placed in a special place around the school, perfect to remind us of all the fun we had during July.

A big thanks to all our students and alumni; salon and spa clients, we couldn’t do it without you. And an extra special thanks to everyone who continues to make Avenue Five Institute beauty school in Austin such a joyful and inspirational place to work, learn, and celebrate. To ten more fabulous years, and many more thereafter! 

Read a special note from our CEO & Founder here.