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6 Skin Care Tips to Live by For a Radiant Glow All Year Long

The following skin care tips can change the way your skin looks in the winter, summer, fall, and spring too!

As an award-winning esthetics school in Austin, Texas, we are all about helping people achieve beautiful radiant skin.  Esthetics is the science of skincare and specialists know more than ever about why skin does what it does and how to encourage healthy skin.

Dry and flaky skin? Oily skin that’s prone to breakouts? No matter what type of skin you’re #blessed with, these skin care tips can help you look your best 365 days a year.


1. Wash Your Face Every Night

Sleeping in your makeup leads to clogged pores and can even cause eye infections like styes. Even if you don’t wear makeup, washing your face removes dirt and debris that can otherwise clog pores. Washing your face each night gives your pores a chance to breathe and reduces your risk for breakouts.

Apply a moisturizing face cream after you take off your makeup, especially if you use makeup removing wipes that tend to dry out skin. Make sure to use high quality skin care products and always read the ingredients label to know what you’re putting on your face.

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2. Drink Lots of Water

Your skin is a direct reflection of how hydrated you are. Drinking plenty of water helps hydrate skin from the inside out, reducing dryness and other signs of dehydration.

3. Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet

Eating plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables can help give your skin a flawless glow. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, are great for the skin and may even help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. The Best Skin Care Tip: Get a Facial

Our NuFACE Microcurrent Anti-Aging Facial rejuvenates the skin and helps you look younger. How? Our NuFACE device provides soft wave micro current technology to improve facial contour, even out skin tone, and help reduce wrinkles.

Skincare specialists recommend getting a facial once every three to four weeks as one of the best skin care tips to live by. But, who can afford to keep up with that? You can now!  Check out our Spa Service Menu to learn more about our fantastic facial services.

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5. Catch Up on Some Sleep for Clear Healthy Skin

Sleep is good for the body in so many ways. So good in fact, you should be getting 7-8 hours of shut eye each night. A lack of sleep can cause health problems and leave your skin flaw-full as opposed to flawless. Without adequate sleep, you’re more likely to suffer from fine lines, under-eye bags, dark circles, and so forth.

6. Work Out at Least 3x Per Week

Working out releases endorphins and helps you stay fit. Additionally, exercise assists in delivering oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Regular work outs = better care tips excercise

Glowing Healthy Skin is Within Reach

Consistently practicing these skin care tips can make all the difference over time. Do you want to see and feel a noticeable difference in your skin overnight? Schedule your facial at Avenue Five Institute today!

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