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How the Sun Affects Your Skin (and What You Can Do About It)

It’s All Fun in the Sun, Until…   … You spend a tad-bit too long on a comfy, Adirondack chair reading that historical fiction novel you desperately need to finish while sipping a refreshing beverage. You reached the tantalizing end of your novel, but you also gained a painfully irritating sunburn on your face, shoulders,

The Skin Microbiome: A Brief Introduction

The “Micro” What? We all have that friend who, seemingly every month, announces their new miracle diet. They use language like: “this new [insert trendy diet here] has absolutely changed my life in only 4 days!”  This friend is constantly sharing (unsolicited) advice about the perfect diet for your body type that is guaranteed to

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship Opportunities: How to Score a Scholarship

Around here, Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship opportunities are a big deal. After all, the awesome non-profit organization plans to award hundreds of dollars on Scholarships that can be applied towards Cosmetology or Esthetics programs at approved schools, such as Avenue Five Institute. All students who have completed less than 50% of their program are encouraged to apply.

6 Skin Care Tips to Live by For a Radiant Glow All Year Long

The following skin care tips can change the way your skin looks in the winter, summer, fall, and spring too! As an award-winning esthetics school in Austin, Texas, we are all about helping people achieve beautiful radiant skin.  Esthetics is the science of skincare and specialists know more than ever about why skin does what

Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading eyebrows is the hot new beauty trend that people can’t seem to stop talking about! That’s because this technique can take non-existent eyebrows and transform them into beautiful ‘selfie-ready’ brows. But first, you’ll have to let a technician “tattoo” your face using a handheld device with 9 small blades that make incisions along your

Where Will the Esthetician Jobs Be in 2016?

Esthetician Job Description Most estheticians learn about their craft by entering post-secondary training programs after they finish high school. These courses teach a variety of different ways of taking care of the appearance of your clients, and some even teach you a little about how to run the business and customer service side of the


#TeamAve5 is a united family. We support each other and we applaud our successes and accomplishments, and that is why we’re coming together, along with the entire industry, to support the #IamAVisualArtist campaign. This empowering campaign aims to petition the Bank of England to add Vidal Sassoon’s name BACK onto the nominations list of those

A Day in the Life of an Esthetician

Day-to-Day Esthetics Estheticians work with individuals to determine the health of their skin and the most appropriate treatment according to their needs. Sometimes, all people need is a brief beauty treatment while other cases involve the need to go further with the treatment. Sometimes, clients simply require a quick facial or facial massage using peels,

The Sense of Satisfaction Estheticians Feel

One of the most underrated aspects of happiness at the workplace has nothing to do with pay. Job satisfaction cannot be measured, counted or deposited into a bank. However, despite the fact that happiness can’t be accurately expressed by a number, it provides a kind of currency that adds to the overall compensation that you