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What is the Difference Between Accredited Beauty Schools and Non-accredited Programs?

Avenue Five Institute is an accredited beauty school in Austin, Texas. But what does that really mean, and what sets us apart from a non-accredited cosmetology program? In order for a school to earn accredited status, the institution must meet national standards of educational performance. These standards are set by an impartial non-government agency, such

Massage Therapy School: 5 Things You Should Expect to Learn

Are you wondering what you can expect to learn by enrolling in a massage therapy school in Austin? The answer to that question varies based upon where you enroll, how long courses are, and what it intends to offer. No two schools offer the same exact curriculum or field of experience. Therefore, it’s up to

Selecting the Best Training Programs for Your Spa

Tips From a Massage Therapy School in Austin, TX You’ve thought of the concept, the theme, the location, and the design of your spa. You also have a solid business plan and basing from the fact that more and more people are understanding the importance of relaxation, you know that you can attract as many customers

Why You CAN Go Back to School With Kids

Going back to school can be a challenging task, and it can be especially daunting to consider if you have children. Gaining new skills and experience through further education is possible, however, and may even enrich your relationship with your children. Here are three reasons you can go back to beauty school with kids: Financial

Why Your Second Career Will be Better

When starting a new career, you may be filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety. Will your new career be what you’re hoping for? Are you leaving behind security? But there is room for optimism as well. Here are a few reasons why your second career will be better than the first: You have a