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6 Great Makeup Tips for Wrinkled Skin

Did you know you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using the right makeup, tools and application tips? It’s true! On the other hand, using the wrong makeup or improper tactics will cause wrinkles to appear deeper and more noticeable – and nobody wants that.  6 Makeup Tips for Wrinkled Skin

What are the Hottest Beauty Trends for 2017?

Those who have graduated from a beauty school in Austin, TX quite a while back might feel like they’re time travelling when watching fashion shows. The choker necklaces from an entirely different decade made a comeback this year, only in the form of necklines in clothes. The bare-looking yet bronzed makeup look from the eighties

Wedding Hair and Makeup Forecast for 2017

Professional makeup artists; fresh graduates of a cosmetology school in Austin, TX and similar learning institutions; and other workers in the beauty industry look at the fashion runways for clues on upcoming trends. If you’re a makeup artist who works with brides and women attending special events, you simply have to catch these shows or

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for Fall

If you’re a graduate of a cosmetology school in Austin, TX and you are thinking about getting into the bridal industry, you are in for a treat. No matter which season of the year your bridal client is saying her “I dos”, there are tons of hair and makeup inspiration available. Let’s say that you

What are the Hottest Hair Color Trends for Fall 2016?

Tips from Austin, TX Cosmetology School Beauty experts recommend changing your hair color seasonally. In an article published at, Rita Hazan who regularly does the hair color of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and other Hollywood stars, said that it’s similar to the way that you should change your makeup and clothes. Depending on the season

What are the Hottest Makeup Trends to Try Out for Fall 2016?

Fall Makeup Tips from Cosmetology School Austin, TX Every year, fashionistas, stylists, designers, haircutters, stylists, hair colorists, makeup artists, students of cosmetology school in Austin, TX, and everyone who has something to do with the beauty industry look at what’s happening on the fashion runways. This 2016, for example, what are the hottest hair colors for

From Cobalt Eyes to Chestnut-Colored Lips: Summer Makeup Looks to Try for 2016

Achieve That Summer Makeup Glow with the Help of Cosmetology Schools in Austin, Texas! Haircutting, facials, related theory, coloring, scalp treatment, cold waving, chemical hair relaxing, and makeup are some of the subjects included in a curriculum of cosmetology schools in Austin, Texas as well as neighboring areas. If you are a student, you should

Get To Know Our Rock Star Team – Joanna Ruley-Garza

Avenue Five is immensely proud to partner with MUD Make-Up Designory and be able to offer a unique, comprehensive 15-week Make-up Program. What’s equally as exciting, is that our newest team member, Joanna Ruley-Garza, just recently introduced the ways of MUD to the first group of AveFive’s talented young minds. We think it’s very fitting