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6 Great Makeup Tips for Wrinkled Skin

makeup tips for wrinkled skin - beautiful neutral palette

Did you know you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using the right makeup, tools and application tips? It’s true! On the other hand, using the wrong makeup or improper tactics will cause wrinkles to appear deeper and more noticeable – and nobody wants that. 

6 Makeup Tips for Wrinkled Skin

1. Use Moisturizer

Before putting any makeup on at all, it’s so important to remove all existing makeup and then properly moisturize your skin. As we age, skin becomes drier, which causes makeup to clump up and make wrinkles more noticeable. Seek out moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, this ingredient helps pull in water and plump up the skin.

2. Next, Apply a Silicone Primer

After applying a quality moisturizer, it’s time to apply a primer before moving on to foundation. Primer helps soften wrinkles, especially if you get one with a silicone base. This will fill in uneven skin texture along with fine lines.

makeup tips for wrinkled skin - use a primer and a lightweight foundation with lots of moisture like this pair from MUD

3. Use a Light and Moisturizing Foundation

Skip the heavy matte foundation, and instead seek out a lightweight, sheer and hydrating foundation, as this is best to mask wrinkles. If you need additional coverage for dark spots or circles under your eyes, apply concealer to these areas prior to adding foundation.

Remember, the goal is to keep coverage light – heavy coverage will only draw more attention to lines and wrinkles.

4. Go Light on the Powder, Or Skip It All Together

Powder is a popular go-to, but it isn’t always the best option for mature skin. For one, powder reduces the appearance of moisture in the skin, and dewy or moist skin is a sign of youthfulness. 

Look for a loose mineral powder to dust over your foundation. That way, you can set your makeup without drawing attention to fine lines and pores. Powders that contain mica micro-particles reflect light to make the skin appear more radiant.  

5. Use Your Eyes to Your Advantage

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to your eyes – don’t go heavy on the liner, opt for a matte eye shadow instead of shimmer, and use neutral colors. Apply a lighter shade on your lid and soft neutrals in your eyelid creases.

makeup tips for wrinkled skin - neutral eye colors, lighter on lid, darker in crease

6. Use a Highlighter

Use a highlighter pen to lift and brighten your face. Apply a few dots to areas of your face that you want to “lift” or make stand out more, and then pat it in place, so it blends in naturally.

Take Your Makeup Game to the Next Level

As a makeup artist, you work with all different types of skin – dry, fair, wrinkly, oily, you name it. You must know how to work with all skin types to make each client look great. 

At Avenue Five Institute, our Makeup Artist School prepares you to work on a variety of individuals and skin types. We also offer Makeup Workshops throughout the year. Did we mention we are a MUD Make-Up Designory Partner School? Learn more.

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