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What are the Latest, Most Wearable Makeup Trends from the Runway this Year?

Tips from a Makeup School in Austin

Lupita Nyong’o’s blue eyeshadow is probably one of the most memorable makeup looks to grace the screen – and the red carpet – recently. If you’re studying at makeup artist schools in Austin, Texas, it is a must for you to be on the lookout for these trends. Aside from red carpet events frequented by Hollywood stars, you can also watch the runway shows in the fashion capitals of the world. Here, we will take a look at the latest trends in makeup.

A Look at the Hottest Makeup Trends

Not everybody can pull off wearing a blue eyeshadow, so it’s important to learn about as many makeup trends as you can. This way, once you finish taking your classes at makeup schools near Austin, Texas, you would know which ones to recommend to your would-be clients.

So what are the latest, most wearable makeup trends from the runway this year? Take a look:

• Eyeliner
If you’re bored with the typical black eyeliner or if you think that Adele’s perfect cateye makeup is too difficult to imitate, try out these other trends. If you want to go all-out during a night out with the girls, use shimmering jewel tones on your lids. Gold, burgundy, purple and bronze are some must-try colors. Or, you can go for the thick underline trend where you will use eyeliner to draw a crisp line at the bottom of your eyelids.

• Eyeshadow
Surprisingly enough, blue eyeshadow is still a huge trend these days. If you can pull off the blue-eyed look, you can also opt for pink or peach shades on the lids. This makes for a very raw, naked, yet ultra-feminine look.

• Lipstick
In the runway shows of designer Anna Sui, vampire lips were worn by models. Clad in black leather coats and furs, their look was complemented by dark lips with a stained ombre finish. Another color that you should definitely try on your puckers is the Snow White Apple Red shade. It’s exactly what the name implies: blood red lips similar to Snow White’s. To pull off this look, the lipstick needs to be applied with utmost precision.

• Cheeks
Blushers were really not used very much on the runway these past few years, but they are slowly making a comeback. Flushed cheeks on contour makeup will give your face that extra definition. Another cheeks-related trend is for models to wear bronzers, as seen in the runway shows of fashion houses like Balmain. Blend a brown cream shade with a bronzer and a highlighter for a naturally tanned yet sophisticated look.

• Nails
If you’re a graduate of any makeup artist schools within Austin, Texas, you should definitely sharpen your skills when it comes to nail art. It seems as if the popularity of this beauty trend is not about to go away anytime soon. Recently, the hottest designs are stripes and updated French tips.

• Hairstyle
Finally, when it comes to the hottest hairstyles, go for the following: upgraded ponytails, braids, textured buns, and messy buns. Check out video tutorials online so that you can master these hairstyles.

We’re almost reaching the final quarter of 2016 but it’s not yet too late to try out these makeup and beauty trends, as seen on the hottest runway shows in the fashion industry.

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