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The Science Behind Hair Color

Is hair color really a science? Turn on E! News, browse a few articles in Vogue, or scroll down your Instagram feed, and you will find an abundance of hair colors.  From platinum blonde to midnight black, from mermaid teal to rainbow ombré, we often use hair color as an accessory. When done right and

5 Personality Traits of Hair Stylists That’ll Make You Say, “Yep, That’s Me!”

What are the most common personality traits of hair stylists?  Future hair stylists at our cosmetology school in Austin see firsthand how hairdressers play a vital role in their clients’ lives—providing everything from great hair styles to personal advice. As a result, hairstylists tend to develop the following personality traits. 1. Great at Listening &


#TeamAve5 is a united family. We support each other and we applaud our successes and accomplishments, and that is why we’re coming together, along with the entire industry, to support the #IamAVisualArtist campaign. This empowering campaign aims to petition the Bank of England to add Vidal Sassoon’s name BACK onto the nominations list of those

Platinum Blonde, Balayage or Red? Trendspotting the Hottest Hair Colors for 2014

From fashion runways to red carpet events to a typical workplace, it’s easy to spot the hottest trends in hair color. For the year 2014, it’s a mishmash of different hues ranging from the really eye-catching platinum blonde to the classic brunette. Here, we will take a look at the hottest trends in hair color

What are the Most Popular Hairstyles for Brides this Spring 2014?

Are you a June bride or are you planning to say your “I dos” on the last quarter of the year? If you are soon to march down the aisle, you should already have a bridal gown picked out. The next thing to do would be to plan your bridal makeup and hairstyle to complete

Which Celebrity Hairstyles are the Most Copied?

One of the most common scenarios in a beauty salon is a woman coming in with a picture of a Hollywood celebrity, asking the stylist to copy a hairstyle. Since the time of Princess Diana, women from all parts of the world have been taking their hairstyle cues from popular personalities, music artists and celebrities.

Who are the Top 5 Makeup Artists in the Fashion Industry Today?

In the fashion industry, it’s the models and the designers who typically get a bigger share of the limelight. The people behind the scenes – the production staff, makeup artists and other personnel putting together fashion events do not really get that much recognition. It’s even more so when it comes to the makeup artists.