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New 1000 hour Cosmetology Program saves time and money!

What’s New? Starting in May 2020 a cosmetology license in Texas can now be earned with just 1000 hours of training.  Prior to this, those that wanted to earn a cosmetology license had to complete 1500 hours of training.  This represents a significant saving in time and lowers a student’s cost of attendance!   Some questions

Meet Teela Spears, Cosmetology Instructor at Avenue Five Institute!

Get To Know Our Rock Star Team Here is another feature in the series we’re calling, Get To Know Our Rock Star Team, where we’ll get a chance to pick our Instructors’ brains. Proudly introducing Teela Spears, a very special cosmetology instructor that has been sharing her love and passion for the industry since 1988. Q: Why do

How to Choose Models for Your Hair Portfolio

When building your portfolio as a hair student, it’s important to carefully consider who you use as a model to make sure that your work is represented well. While many people may volunteer, not everyone who wants a great hairstyle is going to be a good hair model. That said, finding the right model can


#TeamAve5 is a united family. We support each other and we applaud our successes and accomplishments, and that is why we’re coming together, along with the entire industry, to support the #IamAVisualArtist campaign. This empowering campaign aims to petition the Bank of England to add Vidal Sassoon’s name BACK onto the nominations list of those

Cool Summer Hair for Smooth Summer Tunes

The days of the Gen X-ers are gone. Enter the Millenials; we’re independent thinkers and always set the tone for the newest and coolest trends in all things beauty and fashion. This summer, it’s not enough to have the hottest tickets in town to the summer’s best music festivals, but we gotta’ look the part.

Building Your Career Path: How To Become a Hair Stylist

The hair stylist career path is interesting and fun, but there is some planning involved! Unlike many more conventional career paths, where you get hired, show up to work, do well and advance, the hair stylist career path is much more self-motivated. There’s education, licensing and apprenticeships to work out, and that’s before you even

Are Hair Styling Games Helpful or Not?

With advancements in technology, there are now seemingly millions of different things we can do to explore and improve our creativity, and one of them is playing games, in this case, using hair styling games. Hair styling games allow individuals to spend time thinking about how they want to change their appearance, allure and appeal.

The Importance of Advanced Education for Hair Stylists

Most people never go back to school after receiving their certification. However, those who have a passion for their trade go for further education. Most cosmetology schools offer advanced education for hair stylists. Therefore, one can go back to school and perfect his or her skills in hair styling. Advanced Education for Hair Stylists Cosmetology