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How to Choose Models for Your Hair Portfolio

A hair stylist gave this model a great style!

When building your portfolio as a hair student, it’s important to carefully consider who you use as a model to make sure that your work is represented well. While many people may volunteer, not everyone who wants a great hairstyle is going to be a good hair model.

That said, finding the right model can be done as long as you consider the necessary traits. Check out the list below for some tips on finding a model who will complement your style.

Pick a model with healthy hair

This is your raw material, and it needs to be in good condition so that your work is showcased well. Healthy hair should be shiny but not greasy and have some body. Too much styling, blow drying, dye, and hair accessories can all damage hair, as can overly tight hairstyles. Watch out for dry or greasy hair, hair with split ends, thinning hair, and excessive frizz. Damaged hair on a model can reflect badly on you both, while healthy hair will make your work professional and appealing.

Find a model with enough hair to work with

Even if your model has healthy, beautiful hair, if you’re cutting it as well as styling and/or dyeing it, you don’t want to end up having to reinvent the pixie cut if you were planning a medium-length look. Your model needs to have enough extra hair for you to easily create the new look you’re going for.

You need a model who’s down for anything

At the very least, you need a model who’s willing to let you experiment, and you’ll both have a better experience if your model isn’t afraid of you changing their look. If your model is comfortable with change, you can trim, dye, and style as much as you want. This control and freedom will lead to a better portfolio that accurately reflects your work.

Keeping this advice in mind, you can find yourself an appropriate model who will highlight your best work. If you’re looking to upgrade your skills, or even if you’re just starting out, Avenue Five can provide you with the training you need to work well with hair.

Turn Your Passion for Hair Into a Career

Are you a hair enthusiast? Are you always on the lookout for trendy hairstyles? If this sounds like you, why not consider turning your passion into a career? At Avenue Five Institute, we offer cosmetology training from industry professionals, and have partnered with one of the most respected business training programs in the industry. If you’re a Texas resident, please contact us today for more information about our programs, or schedule a tour of our campus.

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