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Meet Teela Spears, Cosmetology Instructor at Avenue Five Institute!

Get To Know Our Rock Star Team

Here is another feature in the series we’re calling, Get To Know Our Rock Star Team, where we’ll get a chance to pick our Instructors’ brains.

Proudly introducing Teela Spears, a very special cosmetology instructor that has been sharing her love and passion for the industry since 1988.

Q: Why do you love this industry?

A: I love that we are diverse and that no matter where we come from or who we are, we are bonded in love through the passion of making people feel good. Touching people’s lives in a way only we can. I think it’s a gift to be a part of people’s lives. Whether it’s doing hair, skincare or massage and teaching to do theses things is an even bigger gift.

Q: What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in Cosmetology?

A: Stay true to you! There is only one you and only you can bring that to your career and the people in your life. Work hard, be good to yourself, never give up, think positive and don’t listen to the negative. Be happy and happy will find you. Continue to learn and always look for the lesson. Love what you do, because you will spend most of your time doing it.

Q: What is it like serving as an instructor at Avenue Five?

A: It’s a blessing and an honor. It’s fun and I love every moment. I feel like it’s a gift. All the people who have entered my life…. my heart is so filled up and I am beyond blessed! I love that this question says “serving”, because that’s exactly what it is! I say that because, being a passion sharer is a service and i am humbled and honored to do it every day. With amazing students, coworkers and the world.

Q: What is your favorite beauty term?

A: “Make Magic”. I use this to describe, that you may not always have the best day or things might not always work the way they’re suppose to. But, we have to make it happen. So, “Make Magic”, just do it. At all costs. I have this phrase tattooed on me, my daughters have it tattooed and many of my former students have gotten it tattooed on them or share the term often.

Q: What is your favorite class to teach?

A: I don’t have a favorite. I love it all, every minute of everyday. I love sharing what I love, my passion.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Ugh. I don’t know…. My whole life it’s been hair and my kids. I love being with my kids and my granddaughter, whatever we do. I like riding my motorcycle, traveling, reading, music and anything involving sun and water. Now that my kids are older I am looking for hobbies….. So, I will let you know later in life what hobbies I find.

Q: Tell us about your career?

A: I have been in the industry since 1988 and I’ve been teaching for 14 years. And I love every minute.

Q: Favorite Quote?

A: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi

I love quotes and choosing one was difficult for me. But. I chose this one because as people we tend to judge other people and say, why don’t they do this, or why don’t they do that. I am working on being the change, being happy, positive, loving and I have found that the more I do this, the more it happens around me.

If you would like to meet Teela or learn more about Avenue Five Institute’s Cosmetology Program, click here!