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What is the Difference Between Accredited Beauty Schools and Non-accredited Programs?


Avenue Five Institute is an accredited beauty school in Austin, Texas. But what does that really mean, and what sets us apart from a non-accredited cosmetology program?

In order for a school to earn accredited status, the institution must meet national standards of educational performance. These standards are set by an impartial non-government agency, such as NACCAS, the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

All standards revolve around what is best for students, with the goal of helping aspiring beauty and wellness professionals earn an education that sets them up for success.

It’s no easy task to become accredited. Schools must attend valuable workshops, perform self-assessments, and file applications. In addition, NACCAS performs site evaluations to ensure the school is meeting all standards put into place.

To maintain accreditation, schools are re-evaluated once every six years.

Benefits to Attending an Accredited Beauty School

  • Accredited Schools Offer Financial Aid to Students

Non-accredited schools cannot offer financial aid. Students must attend an accredited beauty school to qualify for financial aid.

  • Employers Recognize the Difference

The standards put in place at an accredited school help prepare students for the working world. Employers recognize this as an advantage to hiring someone who graduated from an accredited cosmetology school.

  • Be Confident About the Education You’re Receiving

Since there are so many standards an accredited beauty school must meet, you can be confident about the education you are getting. After all, these standards are put into place to benefit all students.

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Drawbacks to a Non-Accredited School

  • May Not Give You the Tools You Need

A non-accredited school may not help you meet your advanced education or career goals.

  • If You Decide to Advance Your Education, You’ll Have to Start All Over Again

If you complete your education through a non-accredited program and then decide to go back to school to advance your skill set at an accredited school, you’ll likely have to start all over again.

  • No Financial Aid

As mentioned above, students who attend a non-accredited school do not qualify for financial aid. 

Come Check Out Our Accredited School!

We welcome you to get to know us a little better, and we’d love to meet you, too. We offer free campus tours so you can experience the feeling that pulses through our fun-loving and supportive campus led by real world professionals. Come see our beautifully remodeled in-house student salon and spa, creative classrooms, and everything else we have to offer.

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