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The Skin Microbiome: A Brief Introduction

The “Micro” What? We all have that friend who, seemingly every month, announces their new miracle diet. They use language like: “this new [insert trendy diet here] has absolutely changed my life in only 4 days!”  This friend is constantly sharing (unsolicited) advice about the perfect diet for your body type that is guaranteed to

Why Estheticians are in Demand RIGHT Now

There’s no denying that beauty has become one of today’s top industries. During the 1980s there was major resistance from doctors, who, like much of the public were misinformed about the benefits of esthetics.  Today however, we are seeing big changes as medical spas are one of the most profitable locations for estheticians. It’s the

Esthetics Instructor Training: Shaping the Career of Future Estheticians

There is a big difference between being an esthetician and being an esthetics instructor. In the former, students graduate from an institute with certification and work as skin specialists for various companies. To become an instructor, you have to first have become a qualified esthetician and then apply for instructor training. Many schools offer competent