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Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship Opportunities: How to Score a Scholarship

Around here, Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship opportunities are a big deal. After all, the awesome non-profit organization plans to award hundreds of dollars on Scholarships that can be applied towards Cosmetology or Esthetics programs at approved schools, such as Avenue Five Institute. All students who have completed less than 50% of their program are encouraged to apply.

What is Beauty Changes Lives?

Beauty Changes Lives is a nonprofit charity dedicated to helping men and women achieve their dreams and pursue a career in the beauty and wellness industry. Established in 2013, they have since awarded students with over two million dollars in scholarships for cosmetology, esthetics, massage, makeup, nail, and advanced courses. Behind the beautifully-rooted mission is a team of beauty professionals from all walks of life, including educators, industry icons, and celebrities too.

How Do You Apply for the Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship?

Application Dates:

SPRING: 2/19/18 – 4/23/18

FALL: 7/16/18 – 9/10/18

Applicants have the option to create an Inspiration Board and Essay, or Video application.

1. Sign up here to begin the application process.

2. You will get an email that confirms your initial application was received.

3. After completing the general application, you must complete the second phase of the application. The second phase includes answering specific questions pertaining to the scholarship you are applying for.

For the MUD Make-Up Designory Scholarship, you have two options: create an inspiration board and 200-word essay, or make a 3-minute video with a public YouTube URL.

How do I qualify to apply?

  • Provide proof of enrollment or proof of current license. Your program must begin prior to the announcement of scholarships winners.
  • Must be enrolled in an approved school with less than 50% of the program completed.

How to Create a Winning Application

A team of industry professionals is tasked with judging the answers to your questions along with your essay and inspiration board or video. Judges look at hundreds of applications each year. So, how do you stand out from the competition? Here are 8 tips offered by real-life judges at Beauty Changes Lives.

1. Know What Judges Are Looking For & Bring It

Judges are looking for: creativity, articulate communication, confidence and genuine passion. Judges want to see your emotion and who you really are as a person. Try to connect with them on a human-level through your submission and show what makes you unique from other applicants.

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship Winner Kaylee Taube
Inspiration board created by Beauty Changes Lives scholarship winner Kaylee Taube.

2. Show Your Fun Side

Expressing yourself creatively is fun. Let that fun shine through your work to highlight your passion.

3. Visuals are Gold

Bring your story to life by using as many visuals as possible, including photos and videos.

4. Include Examples of Your Best Work

Show off your unique talents and style by including examples of your work.

5. Keep it Short & Sweet

Be brief, ensuring each word and visual aid is powerful. Don’t go over the 3-minute mark for videos, or the 200-word count for essays.

6. Do Your Research

Look at applications submitted by previous winners to get an idea for what judges are expecting.

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship Winner
Inspiration board created by Beauty Changes Lives scholarship winner Chiquita Redrick.

7. Create a Central Theme For Your Presentation

“Build your application around one concise theme that flows throughout the application,” suggests Jamezell Ottinger, a judge and Special Markets Director at Keune Haircosmetics North America. “Too many applications contain random messages that do not work together to convey a comprehensive theme.”

8. Share Your Vision for the Future

Explain your goals and how this scholarship would help you accomplish them. What does your future in this industry look like? How will it impact you, your family, and the industry at large?

Ready to Apply?

The lucky winners will be announced in spring and again in fall—that’s 10 winners this year alone. Just think, you could be one of them! But first… Apply Now! Beauty Changes Lives offers 12 other scholarships. You can see all 2018 spring and fall scholarship opportunities here!