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8 Benefits to Getting a Swedish Massage in Austin at Avenue Five Institute

Avenue Five Institute offers a relaxing Swedish massage in Austin that’ll refresh your mind, body and spirit. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of getting a Swedish massage.

A Swedish massage is a common type of massage in Austin, Texas, and all around the world. It combines light to medium pressure with long flowing strokes. The relaxing medium-pressure strokes improve circulation and blood flow, while reducing stress. And at Austin Massage Therapy School, we teach this and other massage modalities.

This type of full-body massage generally begins face-down. Half-way through, you roll over to your back to finish with the opposite sides of your arms, legs, and upper shoulders.

8 Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage in Austin benefits

There are countless benefits to Swedish massage, many of which have been proven by researchers. Some of the most common benefits of Swedish massage include:

  1. Relaxes mind and body
  2. Reduces pain
  3. Facilitates efficient healing post-injury
  4. Aids recovery from high-intensity sports or fitness regimens
  5. Reduces toxins in muscles
  6. Improves circulation and blood flow
  7. Increased blood flow promotes greater skin elasticity and can improve overall health/appearance of skin
  8. Offers relief from fatigue, depression and anxiety

The Research Behind Swedish Massage Benefits

Researches from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center worked in conjunction with researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California to analyze the benefits of Swedish massage. They observed blood samples of 53 healthy adults before and after getting a 45-minute Swedish massage or light-touch treatment. Post-massage, researchers noted a decrease in hormones associated with water retention and blood pressure.

Data from these findings “led the researchers to conclude that a single session of Swedish massage produces measurable biological effects and may have an effect on the immune system,” reports the NCCIH on their official website.

Swedish massage in Austin benefits

Additionally, In March of 2015, Emory University released a statement backing their decision to continue clinical trials involving massage therapy and its biological benefits on cancer patients. A portion of the statement published via reads:

“Previous research… has already shown that massage therapy can boost the immune system and decrease anxiety for people who do not have cancer… We believe that there are many positive effects to be gained by therapeutic massage and we hope to prove that, among other biological advantages.”

Swedish massage in Austin benefitsCustom Swedish Massage in Austin at Avenue Five Institute

No two people carry stress in the same areas or respond to the same level of pressure. That’s why every Swedish massage performed at Avenue Five Institute is customized and comes with the option to add advanced modalities such as lymphatic facilitation, reflexology, aromatherapy, and more.

According to Angie’s List, the average price for a one hour Swedish massage is between $60 to $100. At our Student Massage Therapy Clinic, we offer a relaxing fifty-minute Swedish massage starting at just $30.

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