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Beauty School vs College: Your Answers to These Questions Could Help You Decide

Struggling to decide between a traditional four-year university and cosmetology school? The beauty school vs. college debate is a common hurdle people come across when mapping out their future. Remember, you don’t have to pick just one!

We’ve come up 3 questions to help you decide where to start on the path to your bright future. 

cosmetology school students at Avenue Five Institute

3 Questions to Help You Decide – Beauty School vs. College

1. What is your dream career?

A. Undecided

B. I definitely want to work in the beauty or wellness industry – hair stylist, manicurist, makeup artist, massage therapist, these are the careers that speak to me.

If you answered A – Write down your top three options and then find a professional from each option that you can shadow for a few days. This will help give you a better idea as to what career path speaks to you.

Remember, from owning a salon to working as a hair stylist, you can pursue a variety of occupations as a licensed beauty and/or wellness professional.  

If you answered B – Beauty/wellness school or massage therapy school is a great option to help you achieve your dreams.

2. Does a particular major at a university interest you?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sort of

If you answered A or C – If there is a particular major that you would love to learn more about, it’s worth considering going to traditional college. Remember, you can always get an associate degree in that field from a local community college to see if it’s something you want to pursue further. At the same time, or thereafter, you could attend cosmetology school.

If you answered B – A college degree only holds so much weight, many professions require a master’s degree. That means you could be looking at 6+ years of education in your chosen field. It’s important to be passionate about an area of study before undergoing this level of commitment.

beauty school vs. college - students in a traditional college classroom listen to their professor

3. Do you need financial aid?

A. Yes

B. No

No matter which answer you circled, you can still attend beauty school or traditional college and qualify for financial aid.

At Avenue Five Institute, you may qualify for financial aid. Not all beauty and massage therapy schools offer financial aid, but accredited institutions do. All too often we hear from students who think they cannot get financial aid for beauty school, and so they attend a traditional college instead. Don’t let the fear of funding hold you back from your dreams.

Contact us today to see what options are available to you, or learn more about financial aid for cosmetology school here.

Double Up – Go to College and Beauty School

Beauty school vs college… why not go after both?

You could always attend a traditional college along with beauty school. Or, attend one and then go after the other. There is no timeline regarding when you need to complete school of any kind!

Oftentimes, people double up because they want to gain business knowledge and experience to own a shop or manage their future clientele. That’s the great thing about Avenue Five Institute, we offer business training along with our standard cosmetology programs.  

Hands-on Cosmetology School + Massage School in Austin, Texas

Welcome to Avenue Five Institute, your future starts here!

We offer hands-on training for a variety of beauty and wellness industries. Trying to decide if beauty school is the best option for you? Come take a tour of our campus and ask us all of your questions!