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First Day Beauty School Jitters: How to Get Settled In

It is only natural to feel beauty school jitters on the first day of school.  After all, students will be learning new skills in an unfamiliar environment.  Thankfully, there are a few ways that students can ease into beauty school and make new friends.


Some schools will organize an orientation a week or so before classes start.  This is an opportunity for students to meet their future classmates and see the campus.  Students who attend these often have an edge over their classmates as they know what to expect on the first day.

Beauty School Student Kit

Every student will have been given a list of required equipment when they enrolled in school.  Ideally, students will purchase this equipment as soon as possible.  Not having it in class could lead to the student falling behind in coursework. The equipment required will largely depend on the nature of the course.  For example, make-up artists will need sponges, make-up and brushes.

What to Do on the First Day of Beauty School

Some students will be worried about what to wear to school.  While dressing fashionably is nice, it is not always practical for beauticians, make-up artists, hair stylists and nail technicians.  Generally speaking, beauty professionals should be well groomed, stylish and be comfortable in their own clothes.  Listed below are some fashion tips for new beauty students.

  • Wear stylish clothes that are easy to move around in.  Beauticians often twist and turn when they are performing treatments.
  • Tie hair up as students do not want their hair to get into other student’s faces when they are practicing their new skills.
  • Have a manicure or wear no nail polish altogether.  Chipped nails appear unprofessional.
  • Cut nails short as students will be working with messy products that can get caught under their nails.  Not to mention, long nails can scratch or poke clients during beauty treatments.
  • Wear comfortable, flat shoes as students will be standing during beauty procedures.

Once students have dressed themselves and packed their tools, they have nothing left to worry about.  The first day of beauty school is generally very easy.  The instructor will start by introducing themselves and talking about their industry experience.

The next step will be housekeeping duties such as handing out lists with important phone numbers.  When this is done, they may ask students to participate in “icebreaker” activities.  These are games designed to help students get to know one another.  The instructor will then teach students a simple treatment to get them started.  There is no need to have beauty school nerves as the first day is all about getting to know the teacher, students and school.

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