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Have Kids and Need a New Career? Why Studying Make up School Part time is WAY Easier Than You Think


Many people are choosing to attend makeup school on a part time basis. Not overwhelming at all, it’s actually very doable… even if you’re a single mom. One such woman is Paulette Dunn. Continue reading to learn more about her story and how financial aid can help.

Why People Are Going Back to School

Many people are taking the time to attend makeup school part time because it’s such a rewarding job. This is especially true for those who love to make others look and feel better.

For some moms, the desire to embark on a second career is typically due to divorce or grown/growing children. Marlene Haley, career counselor and president of Find Work You Love Inc., says “a divorce can cause women to think that they need to return to school and earn more money now that they are a single parent.” Whether that’s correct or not is still up for debate.

Paulette’s Story

In 1990, Paulette Dunn accepted a position at Dalhousie University as a secretary. She took the job because of a perk that covered tuition costs for staff. Working to support herself and her two young children, she waited to start on her part-time Bachelor of Management Degree until 1999.

After working for 8 years, Paulette graduated with a Bachelor of Management degree and began pursuing a Master of Business Administration Degree. A year before she completed her undergraduate degree, Paulette launched a meal assembly business with her new husband. Since getting her MBA, Paulette now devotes herself full time to her thriving business.

How Financial Aid Can Help

Single parents supporting a child face many financial obstacles when going back to school. However, there’s no need to panic. Many beauty schools offer financial aid to prospective students. There are also cosmetology scholarships that help offset the costs of attending beauty school.

According to, many private foundations offer need-based assistance that is aimed at women and, more specifically, single moms.The Federal Pell Grant program is an example of one opportunity available to single mothers, who usually have no problem getting approved for these grants.

Ready to Start Makeup School?

If you’ve always dreamed about a career in the beauty industry, there really is no better time to get started. Why not take a few minutes, right now, to contact Avenue Five Institute? Our instructors are eager to speak to you about this lucrative opportunity. You have nothing to lose and an exciting future to gain!


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