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How Do You Know If It's Time to Switch to a Beauty Career

beauty salonA generation or two ago, people chose careers and stayed with them throughout their working lifetimes. Nowadays, however, it is common to change careers several times, often in search of something more fulfilling than one’s original choice. Switching careers can be a big decision, but exciting at the same time.

Why Consider Changing Careers?

Here are some signs that it might be time to switch careers:

  • Boredom with current job
  • Stress in present position
  • Lack of upward mobility
  • Talent not being recognized or utilized
  • Low salary
  • Impractical commute
  • Infrequent interaction with people, or the right kinds of people
  • Loss of work/life balance, not enough time for family or other pursuits
  • Desire to break free of 9-5 work schedule
  • Relocation to a new community

Why a Beauty Career Can be a Good Option

There are numerous choices available when looking for new opportunities. Many people changing fields are switching to a beauty career. There are many reasons for this:

  • Beauty is a growth industry, with new specialties and enterprises opening up every day.
  • A beauty career offers the chance to move up the career ladder, even into management or business ownership.
  • There are many niches within the industry that allow people to use their individual talents in unique ways.
  • Salon, spa, and other beauty industry jobs offer flexibility, allowing employees and management to enjoy fulfilling careers while raising families or pursuing other passions.
  • Beauty careers are in demand across the country and around the globe; a well-trained stylist or esthetician can work almost anywhere.

Requirements for a Beauty Career

In the United States, people who work in the beauty industry are required to attend beauty school and obtain a cosmetology license. While there are many beauty schools to choose from, it is important to choose an accredited institution. Accredited beauty schools not only allow students to qualify for federal financial aid; they are more respected by the industry, making it easier for graduates to find employment once they complete their coursework or even find internships while they are still studying.

A good beauty school will have a website with information about the industry in general and trends in hair, skin, and makeup. Some schools offer part-time programs for students who need to work or tend to families while they study, and many offer rolling start dates throughout the year.

The Beauty School Curriculum

Students pursuing a beauty career can expect to study the following subjects:

Hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, barbering, skin care, makeup, nail technology, specialty hair techniques, such as braiding and chemical relaxing.

Many beauty schools also offer training in massage and other related fields, in addition to advanced classes for stylists and estheticians already working in the field.

Anyone interested in the beauty industry should spend some time investigating beauty schools. With a little bit of planning and study ahead of time, many people can soon join this exciting field and take the first steps towards a beauty career.

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