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How Going Back to School at 50 is Actually the Smartest Thing You'll Ever Do

Going Back to School at 50

Going back to school at 50 is entirely doable. In fact, more and more “50-Somethings” are doing just that. Beauty school is a very popular choice, for several reasons. So, it’s to your benefit to take the time to consider this particular option.

In the meantime, continue reading to learn more about a few of the reasons why going back to school at this age is a wise thing to do. Honestly, you’re never too old to stop learning.

Employment Challenges Over 40

Recent data indicates that people over 40 spend more time looking for  jobs than younger individuals.  As explained by, the number of workers between the ages of 55 and 64 is expected to grow by 36.5 percent between now and 2016.

The beauty industry doesn’t discriminate, in regard to age. As long as you have the skills, you can succeed in the field. There is no such thing as an “old” cosmetologist. In fact, many clients prefer older beauty professionals, for variety of reasons.

Better Pay

According to a recent article on, if you want better pay you generally have to have a degree. In the beauty industry, however, a degree is not necessary. Licensing by the state is what you need. Even better, there’s no limit in regard to the amount of money you can make. Typically, the more clients you service, the higher your income.

The Advantages of Networking

A second article on, mentions the benefits of networking. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, it’s much easier to get your name out there… even before you graduate. Many beauty college students  receive job offerings even before they graduate. Think about it this way, as long as potential clients have hair, skin and nails , there will always be a need for qualified beauty professionals over 50.

Staying Positive and Going Back to School at 50

It’s extremely important to stay positive, when attending classes. Remember, you have life experience on your side. Sharing this wisdom with younger students will help them as well.

While it’s true you may feel stressed at times stay focused on your long-term goal of getting your license in cosmetology. Once you accomplish that, the possibilities are almost endless.

Contact us today, to find out more about going back to school at 50. As long as you keep this information in mind, the transition should go smoothly. The beauty industry isn’t going anywhere. In truth, it’s booming! There’s no reason not take to advantage of it today!

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