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How to Become a Certified Cosmetologist in Austin TX

Considering the number of cosmetologists that work in Austin Texas, you would stand out in the midst of the competition if you were a certified cosmetologist. Getting the relevant certification will be a major boost for your career. Even the pay that you earn as a certified professional would be an improvement as compared to when you were not certified. Most people, however, make the mistake of assuming that getting the certification is difficult. This is definitely not the case, getting certified is relatively easy.

Basic Certification Requirements

You should be over the age of 17 to consider pursuing cosmetology as a profession. While a few institutions will allow you to pursue the basic training, most of them require a GED to allow you entry into the program.

Finding the Right Cosmetology School

It is important that you select an institution that will suit your needs as far as your cosmetology training is concerned. Factors to consider during the selection process include the fees, the reputation of the institution, what you want to study and many more. Ensure that the cosmetology school that you select is licensed and recognized by the state of Texas and other relevant educational authorities on a national level. Otherwise, you risk paying money and not getting a recognized certification.

Basic Training to Become a Certified Cosmetologist

Upon entry into a school of cosmetology, you will be required to complete the mandatory training hours set by the state and the institution. Once the training hours are complete, you will have to prepare for the exams that are recognized by State board in Texas. The training hours are 1000 and take about 8 months to complete.

How to Become a Certified Cosmetologist

In addition to taking and passing the exams, you will also have to fill out the application forms for a license at the same time. When you pass the exams, and you fulfill all the requirements, then you will receive an operating license that allows you to work in Austin and other cities within Texas. You must ensure that you have paid off the fee for the exams and licensing to avoid trouble.

Keeping Up With the Cosmetology Developments

To keep on working as a cosmetologist in Austin, you have to renew your license every two years. You will be required to take at least six education hours to enable you keep up with the trends. If you stick to the rules, you may enjoy a long career as a certified cosmetologist in Austin.

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