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How to Start a Makeup Artist Business in 3 Easy Steps

Makeup Artist Business

You’ve worked as a makeup artist for a little while now and you’ve gotten some experience under your belt. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re tired of being an employee and want to build your own business on your own terms. Here are three easy steps to get yourself on the right path

Figure Out How Much Startup Capital You Need

When starting a new venture it’s important to have a clear, well thought-out plan. Figure out what the costs involved are (consider advertising costs, equipment and supplies, salon space). Then, once you’ve worked out the business expenses calculate how much your living expenses will be. In the early days of your business you likely won’t have many clients or much revenue, but you’ll still have to eat and keep a roof over your head. When calculating your living expenses you may have to make some tough choices and trim down on some of the luxuries you take for granted. It’s all part of the sacrifice you have to make in the early days of starting your own business.

Land Your First Clients

You’ve figured out how much everything will cost, and how much money your business needs to make in order to be sustainable. Now you need to start actually pulling in the money. Ideally, the money you’ve invested in advertising will help you in this respect, but if it hasn’t you’ll have to start pitching. Hit the pavement and find large salons that can’t handle the volume of their business or reach out to old clients. Your first clients are always the hardest to land, but once you get a couple of happy customers behind you landing more gets easier and easier.

Get Ready for Growth

After a bit of time hitting the pavement, and assuming that you’ve been leaving your customers satisfied. You’ll find that you have more business than you can handle on your own. You’ll find yourself swimming in all of the details of running a business, instead of spending time actually working on your business and serving your clients. This is the time to bring on some staff to help you out. However, this is often one of the hardest steps for a small business owner, simply because at this point they’ve grown so accustomed to working on their own. It’s important at this stage to not let yourself get burned out, except the fact that you need help, and hire help.

Congratulations! If you’ve followed these three steps you’d have gone from figuring out how much your business will cost to get off the ground to bringing on your first employee. There will still be a lot to learn, and many challenges to overcome, but you’ll be well on your way to building the business that you’ve always dreamed of.

Are You Interested in a Career as Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists are at the front lines of the beauty, television, film, and fashion industries. As such, its one of the most coveted careers in the beauty industry. We at Avenuefive offer makeup classes to our students. If you would like more information about our makeup classes, please complete the contact form on the right, or give us a call at 512.968.2835!

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