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It’s a Fashion & Arts Palooza!

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to the wonderful and inspiring Keteshia Greene! On October 3rd, Keteshia hosted her first show: Fashion and Arts Palooza. She wanted to celebrate the amazing Keteshia Greene and Lauri Payne in front of Avenue 5cosmetology and makeup industry and to express her appreciation for those who supported her along the way. The event was a huge success and many of our students attended to help out making the models runway ready. As if developing a fashion show wasn’t impressive enough, Keteshia decided to give back and pay the kindness forward by offering one lucky Avenue Five student a chance to win a scholarship by submitting an essay explaining why they love this industry.

The lucky winner, Lauri Payne, a recent Avenue Five graduate, happened to be the first submission she received, which Keteshia says “it showed a lot about who [Lori] was as a person and how passionate she was about the cosmetology industry”. Keteshia made a video to announce the lucky winner, click HERE to watch it.
Congrats to Keteshia for inspiring others to #DoGreatThings just as her former cosmetology instructor, (our very own) Teela Spears did when Keteshia was first starting her career as a cosmetology student.

Keteshia, you’re amazing and you are always welcome to come and visit us at Avenue Five. As always readers, stay beautiful inside and out!

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