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Massage Therapy Schools in Austin: 5 Questions That’ll Help You Find the Right Program for You

Enrolling in massage therapy school in Austin is a big (and exciting) endeavor, but it’s also a huge (and important) decision. The program that you choose can impact the course of your education, as well as your future career. Some schools will naturally offer a better fit than others, so you want to take time in making your decision.

Massage Therapy School in Austin, waiting room student salon and spa

5 Questions That’ll Help You Find the Right Massage Therapy School for You

The following questions are a great starting point when assessing your options to find the right massage therapy program for your learning style, personal preferences, and goals.

1. Is it an accredited massage therapy program?

To become accredited, a school must go through a thorough peer review process to determine if the education they provide is of the highest professional standards and quality. There are several key things that are used to determine if a school receives accreditation or not, including:

  • The overall curriculum
  • Teacher quality and methods of teaching
  • School or program resources
  • Graduation rates, student success rates; overall track record

There’s another reason accreditation is important. According to the US Department of Education, a school must be accredited in order for students to be eligible for federal grant and loan programs. We are the only massage therapy school in Austin approved to offer Federal Financial Aid to qualifying students.

2. Is there a student spa on campus?

Classroom curriculum can only take you so far. The best way to excel at your craft is to practice it firsthand, this is especially true with body work. A nice student spa can make all the difference in building your confidence and allowing you to work on real clients in a spa setting.

Student spa at massage therapy school in Austin, Avenue Five Institute

3. Will I have the chance to network with local industry professionals?  

Networking opportunities are important. After all, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Find a school that hires real professionals on staff, works with local spas and salons, and helps students set up their future for success in and out of the classroom. A school that is closed off from the real world might be out of touch with current practices, thus setting you up to be unprepared for a career after you graduate.

4. What are the most important things massage therapy students learn in your program?

Find out exactly what the curriculum includes to ensure you’ll learn the things you are most interested in. A well-rounded program should include everything from hydrotherapy to body sciences, as well as how to best work with special populations (elderly, pregnant, athletes, etc.), and how to perform Swedish and advanced bodywork. Look for a program that also focuses on the business side of things, as this will come in handy once you’re out working in the field.  

Massage therapy students in Austin learning body sciences

5. Are financing options available?

Paying for school is a big hurdle for most students. If you are unsure how you will pay for school, it’s important to ask about financial aid and payment plans that are available to qualified students. Many of our massage therapy students have their tuition fully covered via federal loans and grants. We also offer payment plans to students who need more time to pay off their education.

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