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Modern Hair Coloring Techniques for Curly Hair

hair coloring techniquesWhen it comes to hair coloring techniques for curly hair, there are certain issues that you need to understand. One of these issues is the factors that affect how your hair absorbs the artificial hair color. In essence, the texture of your hair can either be described as fine or coarse, and this property will play a major role in color absorption. When coloring your hair, you also need to consider the tools and products required. Lastly, it is important to choose the right quality products because you do not want to destroy your mane.

Which Hair Coloring Techniques Work Best on Curly Hair?

For a long time, hair color has been applied using foil. However, curly hair is fragile for the most part hence this method may not be a good idea. Instead, stylists recommend other methods such as a painting technique also known as pintura or balayage. These methods are gaining popularity quickly among hair salons because they allow you to see where you are applying the color. Using foil on the other hand involves a lot of guesswork and retains the chemicals in the hair; a process that may damage the hair. Because this kind of hair is more fragile than any other type, it is advisable to use half of the recommended color.

If you are looking to enhance your natural color by making it more vibrant, the best product to use would be a semi-permanent gloss. Not only will it help close down the cuticle and thereby making hair easier to manage, semi-permanent colorants soak their pigment into the middle of every hair strand. Once you have finished with the process, you can get a clear gaze treatment to prevent the color from fading quickly.

Hair Coloring Techniques for Dreadlocks

You do not always have to visit the salon every time you want a different color for your hair. When it comes to selecting the color that you want, hair experts recommend that you choose a shade that is three shades lighter than your starting color, and another that is the same as your current color or one shade darker. The following tips could go a long way in giving your hair a refreshing change of color in the form of highlights:

  • After buying the product for your hair, read the instructions carefully to know whether your hair should be wet or dry before applying the color.
  • Hair chemicals can be harsh on your hands so put on a pair of gloves and separate your hair into four sections using clips.
  • Since curly hair curls, you should apply the lighter shade of color on top and underneath the hair so that it can be seen from all angles.
  • Braid each section starting from ear level after you have applied the lighter shade so that you can apply the darker color from this level.
  • Use a makeup sponge to soak up the dark color and paint it on parts of the braided hair that have been exposed. You can make it as dark as you want depending on your preferences for a refreshing change in your color hair.

Useful Tips

Always make sure you have moisturized your hair before coloring so that it does not dry out. If possible, condition your hair three days before you color it and ten days after for the color to be evenly spread and strong.

If you are not up for a radical change, frosting your hair can boost your hair color about two or three shades lighter while leaving some strands in their natural color. Alternatively, you can get your hair colored at a beauty school salon.

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