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Show Me the Money: 5 Grants and Scholarships for Beauty School

Grant and Scholarships for Beauty School

Are you in search of grant and scholarships for beauty school? If so, then you should applying for as many grants and scholarships as you can. Most are typically based on one of the following factors:

  • Merit (based on talent and skills)
  • Need (based on financial need)
  • Sociology (based on a qualifying requirement such as religion, race, organization affiliation, etc.)

One of the best things about scholarships and grants is the fact that it’s completely possible to win more than one. The majority of scholarships require you to write an essay and also submit one or two personal letters of recommendation from either instructors or other professionals in the beauty industry. Here are five scholarships to get you started.

Sport Clips ACE Scholarship

Fifteen $1,000 scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Must be used at an AACS-affiliated school. Money can be used for tuition as well as expenses. Applicant must have completed 50 percent of his or her program hours and have demonstrated at least an 80 percent grade average and attendance record.

Beauty Schools Directory Scholarship – $2,500

This scholarship, which can be used at any cosmetology school in the United States, is awarded quarterly. It’s applicable for several programs including nail tech, barber, cosmetology, makeup, skincare and more. Award is disbursed in two equal payments, four months apart.

PBA Sally Beauty Scholarship

Seven individuals receive a $1,000 scholarship. Applicants must submit an essay, which explains how he or she will benefit from the scholarship and  two letters of recommendation.

Joe Francis Scholarship for Hair Care

Applications for this scholarship can be submitted from January until June. One scholarship then awarded. High school students should apply during their final semester of senior year.

OPI Annual Scholarship

Nine $500 scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis to those enrolling or already enrolled in an AACS-affiliated school. Applicants have the choice of submitting a 1-2 page essay or a 4-6 minute video, outlining their long-term goals in the beauty industry.

Have More Questions About Financial Aid?

We know that money can be tight. But with grants and scholarships, school can be affordable for just about anyone!  There are many scholarships available to those who qualify.  If you need more information about scholarships and grants, feel free to contact our financial aid office. Our financial aid staff is here to assist you through this entire process.

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