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Single Moms Attending Makeup school Are Eligible for THESE Scholarships

makeup school for single moms

Makeup school for single moms is probably more attainable than you think. Numerous scholarships have been put into place to help struggling mothers get the education needed to work in the beauty industry. If you love “all things beauty” and want to go to school, continue reading to find out more about scholarships earmarked just for you.

Alice Madden Barton Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded twice a year to anyone (including single moms) interested in pursuing a barbering or cosmetology career. Applicants must  express a heartfelt dedication to learning and demonstrate a passion for the craft. The application is available online. Scholarships are awarded in January and July.

PBA/Minerva Beauty Scholarship

Awarded once a year, these five $1000 scholarships are given out to students currently enrolled in an accredited cosmetology school. Applicants must have completed at least one semester of school (with a 3.0 grade point average), submit a one-page essay and a Letter of Recommendation from a cosmetology professional or instructor. Applications can be submitted online. Winners are notified in July of each year.

Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship

This is a $1200 scholarship, awarded to a single mom or other individual who is currently applying to or already enrolled in a cosmetology or barber program. Submitting the application online is preferred, anytime between January 1 and June 1. Applicants must also submit two Letters of Recommendation. Everyone who applies receives e-mail notification of their status by the end of September. Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded four times per year to single moms (or others) over the age of 18 who want to study cosmetology. The scholarship is distributed in two equal payments. The first one at the time of enrollment and the second one four months after school begins. Applications can be submitted online.

Videl Sasson Basic Professional Beauty Education Scholarship

This scholarship has the distinction of being one of the largest cosmetology-related scholarships available. Every spring and fall, 10 winners are awarded 50 percent of their tuition at a qualifying cosmetology college. Of course, single moms are encouraged to apply.

These are just a few of the many makeup scholarships for single moms that you can apply for. It’s extremely important to read and understand all of the rules before you apply. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to write an essay and gather your LOR’s, only to find out that you’re not eligible.   Obviously, the more you apply, the higher the chance of being selected. You may even be lucky enough to be the recipient of more than one. Good luck!

Have More Questions About Financial Aid?

We know that money can be tight. But with the help of financial aid, school can be affordable for just about anyone!  Financial Aid is available to those who qualify and there are many affordable ways to finance your future.  With financial aid, many of our students have their tuition completely covered through federal loans and grants. We can provide payment plans for those who do not wish to apply for financial aid, or are not eligible.  Our financial aid staff is here to assist you through this entire process.


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