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Step-by-Step Up-Do Tutorial for Beginners

Meghan Markle’s stunning up-dos are inspiring women all around the globe to ditch the messy bun and get creative with their up-dos. Not sure how to make your up-dos look fab? We got you covered! 

Are you ready? Here’s what you will need: 

Prep hair with 1/4′ curling iron, curling away from the face. Clip away hair into 4 sections: two side sections, and 1 section at the top of the head crown. Leave the rest of the hair down.
Section crown into 3 equal parts: with each part hold hair at 90 degrees and start your first tease 5 inches from the root. Continue to tease working your way up inch by inch. 
Use the metal pick and of your comb to gently comb out the surface. The goal is to smooth out the surface enough to cover the tease but not too much. Bundle together all the hair you just teased at the occipital bone making sure none of the back combing is visible. Spray hair with Sebastian Dry Clean Only.
While still holding the bundled hair together, pinch and pull at the surface to create a soft and romantic look. Use bobby pins to secure. Go in from both the left and right sides. PRO TIP! Do not open the pins. Use as many pins as it takes to secure this section. 
Now bundle both sections of hair in the back with a clear band. Pinch and pull on the sides to blend both sections together. 
Next, do a standard 3 strand braid with your pony new pony tail. Pinch and pull from the bottom up. This is also called “pancaking.” Band the end together with a clear band. 
With your new braid, half twist towards the head and wrap into a bun. Secure with pins. Unclip the two side sections. Remove any whispies that would like having at this time. 
Starting with the lighter side, spray with Sebastian’s Dry Clean Spray and loosely twist. Pinch and pull the twist, then secure with a pin on the opposite side of the bun. Don’t worry about the tail, we will secure this later. Do the same with the other section and cross over other twist and secure. 
Refinement point: Tuck and pin the two tails at the nape. And then loosen any parts of the braid that you want to be bigger. 

For a more glamorous look you can add in hair jewelry, greenery or flowers. Once you have obtained your final look, spray with a strong hold Sebastian Product. And ta-dah, your super cute up-do is done! 


Meet the artists behind this tutorial! 

Lead Hair Artist: Senior Cosmetology Student, Caitlyn Draper. Click here to learn more about our up-do queen!
Model: Senior Esthetics Student, Brooke McGann. 
Assistants: Senior Cosmetology Students, Brianna Reid and Brandy Klingeman. 


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