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The Benefits of Getting Your Hair Done at a Beauty School

Beauty schools across America train millions of new cosmetologists and hair stylists every year.  Just like many other professions that require hands-on work, such as nursing and teaching, it is important that beauty school students receive the hands-on experience they need to successfully graduate and be successful in a new career.  There are many benefits to getting your hair done at a beauty school.

Supporting Students at a Beauty School

Without patrons using beauty schools, students would not be able to get the practice and training they need to enter their career field successfully.  Hair mannequins can only provide so much training and experience.    Students get real world experience when they are given the opportunity to cut, style, and color real hair.  When you visit beauty schools, you invest in the careers and education of aspiring young people, as well as further the beauty care market.

Saving Money

Hair services at beauty schools are generally more affordable than regular salons or hairdressers.  The cost can be as much as 40 to 50 percent cheaper than a professional salon.  Though, it is still considered polite to tip your service provider at a school.  When you save money and invest in beauty schools, everyone wins.

Not only are services at beauty schools less expensive than traditional hair salons, you also get more bang for your buck.  A student will be providing your service, but he or she will also have their instructor on-site to look over their work, touch up any areas that can be improved upon, and offer them feedback.   You can be assured that your hair is done right when you leave a cosmetology school.

Up to Par

Beauty schools are also fully aware of state regulations and disinfectant practices.  The practices and policies are fresh in the student’s minds and the facility takes living up to these regulations very seriously.  This means that going to cosmetology school for your hair needs can assure you that you are in good hands and in one of the most cleanliest places to get your hair done at.

Fresh Ideas

Cosmetology school students have many fresh ideas.  They know what haircuts and colors are becoming popular and which ones would look best with your face shape and skin tone.  They are also excited and enthusiastic about what they are learning and practicing.  If you have had the same haircut for ten years and need a new look, a beauty school is the place to go.

You have nothing to lose when you decide to let a cosmetology student do your hair.  From saving money to investing in the community, to being in a cleaner and safer environment;  there are numerous benefits to using beauty schools, such as Avenue Five Institute.  A beauty school haircut or color can look just as good, if not better, than a regular salon cut and color.

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Getting Your Hair Done at a Beauty School

  1. My cousin goes to a beauty school and has been trying to convince me to let me let her or her friends do my hair there. I definitely love the idea that it would be much cheaper to do that then to go to a regular salon. However, I never realized that there would be an instructor on-site to make sure that everything is done right. It’s very important for me to have second set of eyes when my hair is getting done, because I hate getting bad haircuts. Now that I realize this, I am definitely going to take my cousin up on her recommendation.

  2. It’s amazing to know that you can avail salon services at a beauty school to allow beauty students to practice their craft. Currently, I’m looking for a salon or beauty spa that is a perfect fit for my daughter, who will have her haircut for the first time. It seems like I will consider finding a beauty school so that I can schedule my daughter’s haircut and ask them if they can do other services such as color treatment for my hair.

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