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Top 5 Tips for Balancing Cosmetology School With Work & Family

cosmetology schoolIf you are contemplating enrolling in cosmetology school, to train for a new job in this field, you might wonder how you can care for your children or keep working, and still make time for your studies. Beauty industry careers are extremely popular among single parents. Often, as a certified esthetician or cosmetologist, you are free to decide your own timetable, accepting clients when it is convenient to do so. This video explains more about the opportunities with this career:

Also, beauty industry jobs are on the increase. The US Labor Bureau Department reports that demand for staff in the beauty industry is predicted to grow right through to 2018. Graduating from Beauty College is not easy, but it is possible. Here’s five top tips for balancing cosmetology college with the other important areas of your life:

Support From Family

Signing up to beauty school is a choice that will impact your whole family, so it is crucial that you maintain good communication with them. Tell your relatives that you will require some additional time to study and attend class. Ensure that they realize how much you want to attend beauty school and fulfill your career ambitions.

Flexible Timetables

Frequently, beauty schools provide a range of different timetables for students. You could take evening classes or daytime classes, on either a part time or full time basis — the choice is yours. Taking part time classes may make it simpler to retain your job, however, full time classes allow you to finish your training and begin working far quicker.

Managing Time

You will be combining several different responsibilities, once you go back to school. Hence, it is essential to learn effective time management techniques. Buy a calendar or day planner to monitor your hours, work, exam dates, homework assignments and other crucial dates.

Form New Friendships at Cosmetology School

At Cosmetology College, you will meet many new likeminded people. These people can support you and offer advice about balancing family life with your studies. They will understand your predicament and help you if you are struggling with a particular technique. Also, they will revise with you to prepare for the final exams. Beauty school is an excellent time to form new friendships and connections that will help you in your future job.

Financial Support

Finally, there are several kinds of scholarships and financial resources available, which can help fund the cost of attending Beauty College. Students who meet the appropriate criteria can access Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and Pell Grants. Try to remain focused on cosmetology school, and you can look forward to a new, dynamic career that will give you and your children a better life.

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  1. Your suggestion to buy a calendar to keep track of important dates was really smart. If you are balancing schoolwork and home life, it’s easy to lose track of deadlines. Buying a day planner that is portable so you can always have it would also be helpful.

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