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Top Hair Color Trends For Fall 2013

There some interesting things for you to try out this fall. Solid blonde is no longer in style; you can try adding some shades of brown as highlights. Brunette can be made more alluring this fall with some slim ribbons of blonde, especially around the face. A light shade of blonde can be further highlighted with deep gold. Let’s not leave the red-heads behind — pair your red locks with warm shades of brown and you will see it stand out in style. Shades of cinnamon and copper can be used to spice up that beautiful red shade of hair.

If you have brown hair, and want to soften the look a bit, how about interspersing it with some light caramel? However, if brunette is what you want to stick to, then mix up the look a bit, and add in some darker or lighter shades of brown depending on the original color of your hair. Rich chocolate brown hair can work some great magic with some golden strands woven into it.

Choosing the Right Hair Color

Here are some pointers that can help you choose the best hair color.

1)      Understand the kind of skin tone you have. Olive skin is best suited to dark hair colors, and pale skin generally suits all hair color shades.

2)      Look into the colors that suit you the best in your wardrobe. Your hair color will have to blend in with the color palette that you use in your wardrobe for it to look its best.

3)      Take a look at the jewelry you generally use. The accessories you use will make a world of difference in how your hair stands out.

4)      The color of your eyes will also influence the hair color you choose. Have a professional assess you on all these levels, and you can be sure of coming up with a perfect color choice for your hair

How to Color Your Hair

Though there are several DIY kits that you can use to give your hair a whole new look, it is best you get the job done by professionals, especially if you want it to last longer. Now, professionals can be a rather expensive affair. A great alternative would be to head over to a beauty school salon and have them color your hair. Since they work under the supervision of experts, you can be sure of the job being as professional as what you would get at an established salon. Before you color your hair, consider the hair color trends for fall 2013, and ask yourself whether you would like to get a hair color that is in fashionable.

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