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Are You a Massage Therapist? Here’s How You Can Effectively Market Your Services

You just finished your massage therapy training, you got your certification and you have become quite skilful in applying different massage techniques. However, you decided that instead of working for a spa, a health clinic, a hospital or similar establishments where you can seek employment, you would rather work with your slew of clients. This way, you can be free to work as much or as little as you want, you can become your own boss, and you can acquire a slew of loyal clients who will regularly book your services.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking this path as a massage therapist, but you do need to work hard on one aspect: marketing your services. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for you to spread the word about your brand of work. Whether you’re working alone, with a partner or with a small group of massage therapists, here are the top ways for you to effectively market your services:

  • Give people a preview of what you have to offer as a massage therapist.

If nobody knows that you are working as a massage therapist, then you will not increase the number of clients that you have. To start spreading the word about your business, host an open house event. Use flyers to let people know when it will take place, which you can distribute on the streets and post on public bulletin boards. To entice people to go, offer free food and drinks, as well as short sessions of back massages, hand or foot massages. Invite massage students or even your partner massage therapists and make sure to have plenty of business cards printed out. This way, you can distribute your contact information to possible clients – and the business should start pouring in after your event.

  • Acquire local clients by sending out postcards.

Nobody wants to make a thirty-minute drive or an hour’s worth of commute after getting a relaxing massage. This means that most people would prefer to book home service massages so that they can simply sleep the day away after getting the treatment. To let people know that you are available as a home massage therapist, send out postcards to those who are within your vicinity. You can use the postcards as discount cards so that they can get a certain percentage off the rates of your massage service.

  • Harness the power of social media in spreading the word about your business.

If you’re just starting out in the business, you can spread awareness about your brand by creating social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are excellent places to start.

  • Offer clients loyalty programs and package deals.

Once you have acquired a slew of loyal clients, you’d want to keep them coming back for more. For this, you can offer loyalty programs where clients can get discounts when they book your services more often. You can also offer package deals or create rewards cards for your regular clients. If there’s a local business in your area, offer corporate discounts to employees.




  • Market your services through e-mail and SMS.

Finally, you can market your services through e-mail and SMS. Have the people from your open house event give you their e-mail address if they’re willing so that you can send out alerts of when you are offering discounts or are running special promotions. Let them know of your mobile massage service where they simply need to wait for you to come into their home so that you can give them a soothing massage.


With these marketing techniques, you can successfully spread the word about your local massage therapy business.







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