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What Being Your Own Boss Really Means in Beauty

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Are you drawn to the beauty industry? You might find the possibility of a creative job that allows for independence and flexible hours appealing. But what does it mean to be your own boss in the beauty industry?

Does it mean you need to own your own salon? Not always. Being your own boss in the beauty industry can mean a few different things. Here are some of the common setups in place today:

Salon Ownership

Being a salon owner means taking on a largely administrative role, though if you’re good with a pair of scissors, you can of course take on clients of your own. FabJob points out that you have a few options in terms of how to market your business (and as the owner, you’ll want to pay close attention to your image, especially in an industry so focused on aesthetics!).

You can offer up a full-service selection, as long as you have employees capable of fulfilling all your clients’ needs, including manicures, or you can specialize in specific services like women’s haircuts or hair styling for special events. A salon is a very social place, so you may find that half your job is interacting with customers on a friendly level, learning about their lives, as well as managing your employees to ensure a positive atmosphere for everyone.

Being an owner requires you to manage many responsibilities at once, but it also provides the opportunity to organize a business where you want to work.

Booth Rental

If you want to be your own boss, but you don’t want responsibility for an entire salon, booth rental is an option to consider. In this case, the owner of the salon functions as a landlord, renting out booths to independent stylists. As Behind the Chair explains, this model has received some criticism lately due to “a lack of structure, a lack of professionalism, discord in salons, and underreporting of income.

However, if done in an honest way that is fair to both owner and renter, this model can provide many benefits, including a balance of independence and convenience, if you are a good business person. Clear responsibilities and boundaries can make booth rental work, whether you’re the owner or the renter. And this version of booth rental isn’t the only option. A recent article on LinkedIn suggests the possibility of a suite of specialists in which stylists partner to share the costs of a space while pursuing their individual directions in terms of products and services. Ultimately, knowing your own professional goals will help you decide what model is best for you.

Working on Film Sets

While there are other forms of mobile work in the beauty industry, this is probably one of the most exciting. If you do movie makeup, you could end up with a very different setup from either of the above. Working with actors means being on set. This can be an exciting way to be a part of both the beauty industry and movie magic. You may have to get up very early to prepare actors for their parts, but you’ll get to see your work on screen. Being your own boss in this environment is a lot more mobile than working in a salon and may not require you to have much of an office, since you’ll have to go where your clients are.

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