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Can You be an Esthetician With a Cosmetology License

estheticianWorking as an esthetician with a cosmetology license can be quite fulfilling as well as lucrative.



Can You be an Esthetician With a Cosmetology License

Yes, in Texas a cosmetologist is licensed to perform all of the same treatments as a licensed esthetician.  Sometimes, additional skincare training as an esthetician is necessary for anyone who would like to specialize in advanced skincare. To start with, one must enroll as a student in a licensed school and , most beauty schools require applicants to have earned a high school diploma or GED. In most states, one must be at least 16 years old to enroll as an esthetics student. However, it is wise to check your state’s requirements before enrolling in any esthetics program.


In general, training includes both theoretical and practical aspects. The key elements of esthetics training typically include skin hygiene and chemistry, microdermabrasion, aromatherapy and esthetics, skin analysis, chemical peels, bacteriology, and makeup theory. After the end of the training period, students must take and pass an exam usually administered by the state cosmetology board. One will get a license to practice only after passing this exam. Furthermore, one must have completed a minimum numbers of study hours.

License Renewal and Continuous Education

License renewal is mandatory in most states. The renewal time period varies by state. It is also wise to enroll in continuous education programs to improve your knowledge as well as stay on top of developments and changes in the industry. The obvious benefit of doing this is it will improve your chances of earning more money in the future.

Can You Be an Esthetician With A Cosmetology License

In the US, most states allow people with cosmetology licenses to work as estheticians. However, you should check with your state’s cosmetology board or an equivalent board. You may find that you have to undergo some bit of training to start practicing as an esthetician.

In conclusion, to become an esthetician, you need to enroll in a licensed learning institution, complete your state’s minimum training hours, and take an esthetics exam. Licensure does not mean that you can rest on your laurels and forget to continuously improve your skills and knowledge of the industry. Therefore, you should invest in continuous education to improve your chances of becoming a top earner in the industry. Finally, it is possible to work as an esthetician with a cosmetology license provided you adhere to your state’s licensing guidelines.

2 thoughts on “Can You be an Esthetician With a Cosmetology License

  1. Hello- I have a California cosmetology license. Will I be able to work as a esthetician with a Calif license?


    1. Best thing to do is contact TDLR. The Texas Department of licensing and regulation. As every situation is different. Best of luck!

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