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What are the Hottest Beauty Trends for 2015?

If you’re looking for some hairstyle and beauty inspiration for next year, there are plenty of ideas to borrow from the spring 2015 fashion shows. These are the up-and-coming trends that will give you an idea about how to do your makeup, or how to have a stylist do your hair for you. Take a look at our list of the top beauty inspirations for Spring 2015.

Top Trends to Take Beauty Inspiration from for 2015

Unlike a lot of the previous fashion seasons, the beauty trends for the year 2015 are a lot more achievable and wearable on a daily basis. You can see the trends from the runways at the New York Fashion Week for Spring 2015 from designers Peter Som, Jason Wu to fashion houses DKNY. Check out some of the hottest trends for Spring 2015 that you can take fashion inspiration from when dressing up – be it for casual or formal outings:

  • Bright, Red-Orange Lips

A Red-orange lip minus the definition of a lip liner has become a huge hit in the runways for Spring 2015’s Fashion Week. Red and red orange lips were featured at the fashions shows of Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera and Tanya Taylor. It’s a perfect shade to wear for the holidays, too!

  • Eye Makeup

For the fashionably risqué, bold eye makeup is a must-try beauty trend. Blue winged eyeshadow, orange liner accents and other ways to highlight the eyes have dominated the fashion runways.

  • Eyebrows

If the focus for Spring 2015’s fashion trend is all about the eyes, it’s complemented with bold or even extraordinary eyebrows. Bleach blonde brows and pierced eyebrows are a must-try for those who are daring enough to follow the trend.

  • Intricate Braids

From Katniss Everdeen’s fishtail braids, the trend for Spring 2015 has gone a lot more intricate. French braids, five-strand braids and more detailed braids are the go-to hairstyle for next year. You can don the hairstyle for a casual day out or when opting for a romantic outfit during formal nights out.

  • Less-is-More Makeup

Makeup artists have gone crazy looking for ways to come up with a made up look which looks as if you are not wearing any makeup at all. Using the perfect blend of foundation and moisturizer, this is perfect for those who would like to sport a glowing, fresh-faced look.

  • Less-is-More Nail Art

Now’s the time to set aside those bright nail polish colors and opt for nudes, beige, white or an almost skin tone-like shade. For nail art and nail polish trends, it’s more about muted shades where clean, sophisticated lines break the monotony.

  • Ponytails

Requiring very little effort, you can have a trendy yet easy hairstyle with a low ponytail. Simply gather your hair and tie it around your nape.


  • Undone Knots

Even if you’re having a particularly bad hair day, you can still look fab in the hottest hairstyle trend of having undone knots. Unlike the more refined donut hairstyle, top knots are more casual and have wisps of hair at the top of the head, making it perfect for those with curly or wavy hair.

  • Wet Hair Look

Finally, there’s the wet hair look where you can run errands looking as if you’ve just come out of the gym. A low ponytail with wet hair bangs is an effect that you can achieve using some styling cream or hair mousse.

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